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Wikisheets a fair comparison platform for multiple products and services in the Indian market

WikiSheets - A Product Comparison Platform

Wikisheets is a site to compare multiple products and services in a single place. It is a student project by Sanmati Jain. There are multiple categories like Electronics, Home Appliances, etc. Users can find all relevant product details in a single place and thus save time and effort. Current Products on Wikisheets Pulse Oximeters The pulse oximeter is used to track the oxygen levels of the body and pulse rate. The COVID19 pandemic has made it a commonly used device and many people are buying it to measure their oxygen levels. The best pulse oximeter in India is by brands like Dr. Trust, BPL, ChoiceMMed, etc. It is always advisable to go for an accurate pulse oximeter for home use.  There are many models in the market and the best pulse oximeter price varies. A pulse oximeter cannot predict the presence of COVID19 but can help with finding the O2 levels. The best pulse oximeter in India for home use is one that is portable, accurate, and easy to use. Infrared Thermometers They are used to measure a person’s body temperature without contact. With the active COVID19 cases getting higher in our country, thermometers have become a commonly used device. Selecting the best infrared thermometers for homes can be confusing. The COVID19 pandemic has made this device popular. The best infrared thermometer price differs from brand to brand. The market is filled with plenty of models and selecting the best infrared thermometer for medical use in India depends on the accuracy, certification, brand, and usability. BP Monitors The coronavirus pandemic has also brought with it a lot of stress in people, thus affecting their health. Thus having a home blood pressure monitor is useful for many. Some of the best blood pressure BP monitors in India for health are Omron-HEM (different versions), Beurer BM (different versions), etc. The best BP monitor machine in India is one that is accurate, reliable, and portable. Glucometers It is used to monitor blood glucose levels. It...

Top 4 Ways to Make Coding Interesting for Kids

Coding is the skill of today and future since our world is becoming more advanced technologically. Coding for kids brings with it many advantages such as improved academic performance, development of logic, and others.

How Coding for Kids Improves Communication Skills

Communication skills are necessary in every aspect of life, be in academics, career, and other activities. It has been included in many schools and colleges and is being given a lot of importance.

5 Reasons Why Kids Can Learn Python

Python is a language that is popular and is being widely used. Many people think it is something only experienced people can learn, but it is not the case. Python is suitable even for kids

Coding for Kids Budding Talent – Ayaan Kalra

Coding for Kids Budding Talent – Ayaan Kalra

Coding for Kids student Ayaan Kalra is a budding talent of Coding Elements. He is in the fifth standard. He developed an app in Thunkable that has a lot of functionalities

Coding for Kids Success Story- Dakshit Thakran

Coding for Kids Success Story- Dakshit Thakran

Coding Elements student Dakshit Thakran has developed a Converter and Calculator App. This app does a lot of functionalities.

Four Ways to Motivate Kids to Learn During COVID19

The COVID19 Pandemic came as a shock to the entire world. It has affected everyone, be it working professionals or students. While most of us have had to adjust to doing most of our activities online, we can see that education has also been happening online.

4 Ways to Introduce Effective Learning Habits in Kids

Childhood is the time when kids have many subjects to study, lots of assignments, homework, etc. While all this might be a lot for a kid to handle, some simple steps can help the child adopt smart learning habits

Neural Network Applications

Neural Networks have been used in some very important applications and studies are on in the field. In this article we will look at four applications of Artificial Neural Networks to gain an idea on the real-world applications of them.

Wolf Gupta vs Rohit Sinha - Fake vs Real Success Stories

Every institute talks about their alumni and the success stories. A popular EdTech platform posted about Wolf Gupta, a kid who got an offer from Google. Everyone has heard about Wolf Gupta on social media.

Interactive eLearning Platform - Best Online Programming Training

Coding Elements was founded with the aim of teaching coding to students across the world. Coding is not just about syntax. It is the solving of complex problems and coming up with the best solutions. The curriculum has been designed keeping this in mind. It covers many practice questions and real-world projects that give students a chance to apply what they are learning. Students also work on multiple technologies at times and it makes them become confident with their skills.  Content What sets Coding Elements apart is their course content. It is very comprehensive and has a lot of questions and FAQs. AI-related courses focus heavily on projects and problem-solving. The Machine Learning course also has a separate section in interview preparation. The mentors are people who have worked in ML for many years and also submitted research papers. By the end of the course the student is ready to start a career in the field of AI and ML.  Interactive Learning The other courses also heavily focus on coding practice. The platform also has an online code editor and automatic code checker to help students work on coding problems on the spot. While it is obvious that learning coding can be tough, there are trained TAs to help students during their learning. Students get live support from teachers via chat or email. Interaction and doubt clearing are encouraged. Students also receive feedback on their performance in projects.  Students can also see their leaderboard to get an idea about their performance. This is to encourage healthy competition among students. Apart from this, there are friendly videos with fun facts along with lots of FAQs to help students.  Flexibility This is a time when everyone has priorities like studies or their job. Coding Elements courses have a long access period. They can be taken from home at one’s convenient pace. Since the content is available for four years, students get a lot of time to learn and revise their concepts.

A Teacher's Perspective to 'Coding for Kids' Education

Am not an Academician or a child psychologist. Am an engineer by qualification, I teach speech and drama and take up 'coding for kids' course classes. The below are my views entirely based on my experiences and understanding about kids. I have been a coding instructor for over a year now. I have been working from home, teaching kids even during pre covid times. A lot has been going on about whether it's required for kids to learn coding from a tender age. Being a teacher who always keeps her child's interest first here are my two cents on it.

Python For Cybersecurity

Technology is advancing at a swift pace today. With easy access to smartphones and the internet, almost everyone uses numerous websites and apps daily. According to Forbes, the total amount of newly created data in 2020 has been predicted to reach 35 Zettabytes. Large amounts of data are stored in data centers across the world. The data might contain our personal information, financial details, and other sensitive information. The massive increase in the amount of data has made security threats like viruses, malware attacks, phishing, ransomware, etc. more advanced and complex. Another reason for an increase in cyber-threats is the popularity of Internet-of-Things (IoT). IoT technology has made it possible for various devices to access the internet and be connected. While it is prevalent, it has also brought a lot of security vulnerability issues. There is a heightened need for protection against data and system threats.

The Top 10 Skills to Become a Successful Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Development has seen an exponential increase in popularity for some years. The main reasons for this are that almost everyone uses smartphones these days, and high-speed internet is more easily accessible to everyone as compared to before. Billions of people use their mobile phones for online purchases, reading the news, watching a movie, etc.

Top 8 Reasons Why Python is So Popular

We are all aware that Python has been one of the most popular languages for some time now. There is a big requirement for skilled Python programmers. A lot of companies are looking for people possessing expertise in Python. What are the reasons Python is so much in demand?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its Scope

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field that provides machines with the ability to understand natural human language. Natural language processing is a subfield of linguistics, computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human languages, in particular how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data. – Wiki

Top Skills Needed for Learning Machine Learning and Applied AI

Machine Learning (ML) and AI technologies are the most popular and fast-growing technologies today. The availability of large amounts of data, rapid innovation, and research and development in these fields have helped in bringing a lot of progress. A simple example of ML is the movie suggestion feature in Netflix, whereby if you watch a movie, the system suggests similar films that might be of interest to you. Many of us have used the ML technology without knowing about it. There is a significant need for skilled professionals in the fields of ML and AI. If you are interested in studying ML and applied AI, you might want to know about the skills for the same. In this post, we look at these skills.

Exciting Machine Learning Project Ideas for Beginners

Machine Learning (ML) is an innovative and lucrative technology to pursue a career in. With an increase in its applications across sectors like entertainment, healthcare, tourism, etc. it has been gaining a lot of popularity. If you aspire to learn ML and start a career in it, then working on some projects will not just improve your understanding of the subject concepts, but it will also be a valuable addition to your resume. In this article, let’s look at some exciting ML projects. We will also briefly discuss the skills you need for ML.

Transformation of Agriculture Sector by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Agriculture has been one of the oldest occupations of humanity. It has seen and faced many ups and downs over the years, but continues to be one of the most critical sectors in the world. Agriculture is directly linked to our lives since it is related to food production. Farmers face a lot of challenges like pests, climate uncertainty, water supply issues, natural disasters, etc. Over the past few years, farmers have started looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) in farming. AI is bringing about a transformation in the field of Agriculture. In this article, we look at AI in Agriculture.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powers Restaurant Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into numerous sectors, restaurants being one of them. Many popular restaurant chains are exploring the uses of AI and its potential benefits. While some restaurants have started using AI to transform their business, others are still checking out the possibility of using AI. Rising operation costs and the need to make profits are the main reasons restaurants are considering using AI. The food industry is moving towards new and innovative ways to meet the expectations of their customers. In this article, we look at why AI in Restaurants, some popular chains using AI, etc.

India’s Lucrative Gaming Industry

Gone are the days when games were treated purely as a hobby. The Gaming Industry has grown exponentially, with many new companies and startups coming up in the field.  Big Tech giants are investing in this industry now because they see a great future. According to Nasscom, it is anticipated that there will be 628 million active users by 2020. Companies like Sony, Amazon, and Microsoft have also started focusing on Gaming for a while now.

Best Ways to Learn to Code Online

With the rapid advancement of technology and the pace at which innovation is happening, having expertise in coding can open up a plethora of career opportunities. These days there are numerous ways you can learn a new programming language or just improve your programming skills. In this article, we will look at some of them.

Top 4 Things to Remember While Writing a Resume for Google

Coding Elements is a highly reputed institute offering courses in the best technologies. Our teachers are highly skilled and have worked in the industry previously.  Coding Elements is offering a Live+ course Coding Interview Preparation to help you prepare for your coding interviews. This Live Coding Interview Preparation course is specifically developed for those wanting to move beyond theoretical concepts and learn to solve problems with the main aim of clearing an interview. This course helps you crack specific coding problems using logical thinking. This course is built keeping in mind the industry expectations from a candidate and comprises of many practice questions to help you become interview-ready.

The Top 6 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends in 2020

Many businesses are investing in finding Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to many of the complex problems they face. While there is growth happening in the vast field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), what are the major trends to look out for in 2020? Let’s take a look.   Robotics   This is an exciting field that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for many purposes like teaching robots to behave in a certain way in a particular situation, and creating movements in the robot. Currently, many robots perform daily routine tasks in factories, etc. But to make them do more specialized tasks and introduce them to decision making, support of AI is needed. Though there is still a lot of controversy around whether robots should be allowed to perform smart tasks, a lot are studies on this topic are going on.   Predictive Analytics   In this age where so much data is generated, careful study of large chunks of data can provide insights that can then be used to make predictions. Predictive Analytics is also called Augmented Analytics. Many companies use Predictive Analytics to make business decisions, and this trend is only going to increase.   Cybersecurity   As technology is advancing, attacks and security breaches are also becoming more complex. With existing cybersecurity, it will be difficult to detect attacks like phishing and hacking on systems. Thus, cybersecurity powered by AI will be the only most efficient way to look out for system attacks continually.   Natural Language Processing (NLP)   NLP is a field in Artificial Intelligence (AI) which deals with helping a machine understand, interpret, and respond to natural human language. This ability is what enables systems to perform predictive typing, speech recognition, auto-complete, etc. One of the most famous examples of NLP is Alexa. The field of NLP is increasingly becoming popular these days.   Edge AI   As technology advances, and there is more data everywhere, it is best to have the data located on the...

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in COVID-19 Battle

The past few months have been a challenging time for the entire world.  COVID-19 the global pandemic has caused so much devastation, loss of lives, unemployment and has hit the world economy.  While every nation is continuously trying to fight the disease, there are a lot of studies going on to find a cure for it. Many companies are trying to utilize Artificial Intelligence to help fight this pandemic.

Python for Kids - Why Python Language is Perfect for Kids?

Python has gained popularity among professional coders for the past few years.  Did you know that Python is easy to learn, and even kids can learn it? In this article, we will look at reasons kids should learn programming, benefits of learning Python, prospects of learning Python.

top 8 trends in web development in 2020

Top 8 Trends in Web Development in 2020

Technologies keep changing and evolving. As innovation happens, some existing technologies upgrade to accommodate the current industry trends, and others fall away. In 2020, there is a lot of advancement happening in the field of Web Development. Web development is here to stay since almost everyone uses websites. Many essential things like bill payments, the latest news, video streaming, education, and studies, etc. have all gone online now. In this article, we will look at some of the trends in web development this year.

Benefits of Learning Python Programming Language

In this modern era where technology is taking its toll over everything and in every way possible, now there’s not much left that we can wish for. The basic purpose of machines was to reduce human effort and make life a bit easier but considering the advancement in technology; we think it’s apt to say that we have achieved way beyond our expectations.

Why to Head towards Programming in the Modern World?

Your interest in coding does not primarily depend upon whether you are a computer science or a mathematic student. It only requires sheer dedication and unstoppable passion. Now the question is why? Why in the world you should learn to program? Why should you code?

Why Emotional Intelligence Classes are better than Intelligence Quotient Classes?

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. If refers to how receptive and understanding an individual is towards identifying his/her own emotions as well as others’ feelings and sentiments. As the world’s education and learning models continue to shift, the demand for emotionally-intelligent kids is growing by the day.

Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Rise of the technology has taken over everything today and has been so for a while now. Coding in this generation has become very prominent. It has stepped up their game in the field of technology. Coding is the core of the technology.

Top 6 Dream Jobs for the 21st Century Kids

Back in the time when we were kids, our career aspirations were rather creative and out of this world – literally. We wanted to grow up and become a better version of our favorite superhero or comic wizard.

What You Must Know Before You Dive Into Machine Learning

Machine Learning technologies are known to have a useful influence in areas of strategic decision making, business forecasts and projects, and customer relationship building. With such high-level of penetration and usage, it makes sense that you get educated in the basics of Machine Learning. Here’s a rundown.

10 Reasons Why your Kid Will Not Become a CEO

Becoming a company’s CEO is a dream that many parents nurture for their kids – from their time they are born. But, your dream may not become a reality after all. Why? Simply because your kid may not have what it takes to occupy the organization’s top seat.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Coding Elements

Coining the definition in the simplest of terms, Machine Learning is a fragment of artificial intelligence that focuses on learning by machines from its own experiences and hence based on its experiences, making predictions. This provides the potential to the machines to make data-driven decisions instead of being programmed explicitly for carrying out a certain task. These algorithms (programs) are designed in such a way that they not only learn but also improve over time, on being exposed to new data.

5 Reasons Why Your Kid Will Become a CEO

Every parent aspires for their kid to be the best in whatever he does – become a company’s CEO even. Let’s tell you why your kid will be able to make his “I want to be a CEO one-day” dream come true.

5 Ways to Educate Our Kids for the Future

Earlier, it was an invention that made the world go around. Today though, the beacon has gotten rechristened to ‘innovation.’ It’s difficult to overlook the fact that innovation has become a phenomenon that has emerged to be the driver of the world and its economy now.

What is Coding for Kids Program? Top 7 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn To Code

Coding is the process of using a programming language to teach a computer to behave the way you want it to. Or in other words, Coding is a skill where you take instructions (the steps in a task) and translate it into a language the computer understands since computers do not communicate like humans.

India’s tech giants gear up to hike salaries for ‘coding experts’ in India

Things are looking up for professional coders in India. Taking after TCS’ initiative to double the salaries of coding professionals, another tech major – Infosys – is preparing to increase its campus-based hiring activities. News is that Infosys wants to extract as much skilled talent as possible for from top engineering colleges across the country – IITs and NITs included – to help build its workforce, and have it populated by digitally skilled individuals.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in The Modern world

It is evident that over the years, there has been a spectrum of developments in the technology sector. The involvement of artificial intelligence at every step is has turned out to be amazing. It made so many jobs automated, reducing human effort. It has made everyone believe that there is yet more to come in the future.

Mobile App Development with React: An Overview

Alright, so many of you might not be familiar with the term REACT NATIVE Mobile App Development. Although that’s just a hunch anyhow taking in the most basic question first, React Native is a framework that provides a set of components as well as extensions that authorize the developers to write native Android and IOS applications by employing only JavaScript and the React UI library. Originally created by Facebook, it was made accessible and open source in the year 2015.

How Does Social-emotional Learning Play A Part In Determining Students’ Success

From the changing world scenario, it is quite evident that marks, percentage or grades are not the only parameters that determine the success of a student. Gone are those days when marks used to be the only chance to find your dream job or to be successful.

Top 10 Learning Skills That Will Accompany You For A Lifetime

Learning doesn't necessarily mean to start reading books; it merely is the acquisition of knowledge and experience through various methods mainly by observing, being taught, or reading.

5 Reasons Why Online Learning is More Effective

Online learning has taken its toll over the entire world. Back in the day, people weren’t even sure of welcoming eLearning. They were pretty comfortable with their traditional methods which have served them well for years and beyond. But times have changed now and for the better of course!

Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?

Your interest in coding does not primarily depend upon whether you are a computer science or a mathematics student. It only requires sheer dedication and unstoppable passion. Now the question is why? Why in the world you should learn to program? Why should you code?

Important Reasons Why You Should learn Python Language

In this modern era where technology is taking its toll over everything and in every way possible, now there’s not much left that we can wish for. The basic purpose of machines was to reduce human effort and make life a bit easier but considering the advancement in technology to date; we think it’s apt to say that we have achieved way beyond it. 

Mobile App Development Using React Native

Alright, Many of you might not be familiar with the term REACT NATIVE. Although that’s just a hunch but anyhow taking in the most basic question first, React Native is a framework that provides a set of components as well as extensions which authorize the developers to write native Android and IOS applications by employing only JavaScript and the React UI library. Originally created by Facebook, it was made accessible and open source in the year 2015.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

With the passage of time when the loopholes of the old programming languages begin to highlight such that they are unable to match their pace with the modern needs that constitute the project advancements and future progress and development, then and there starts the urge to create new languages that could not only cover the loopholes but could also match the pace of the respective developmental time. Some of these newer languages are described in this article.

Coding For Kids: Why It is Important to Train Kids to Code

Believe it or not, we are living in the times of the STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. More and more parents and teachers are waking up to the potential that lies in engaging kids towards discerning the 21st-century trends, information, and concepts. One of the newest ways that has emerged on the horizon is focused on teaching kids how to code. Multiple types of research have been carried out on this subject, and the most recent studies have led to the consensus that coding is poised to become a major enabler for kids who aspire to establish a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Let’s give you a rundown of the reasons that govern the importance of coding and the increasing need for talented coders in the future.

Quick-Tips by Coding Elements To Build Upon Your Programming Skills

No matter who you are, what your profession is, what are your head start goals for life, there is always personal development that we all should keep in mind to lead to career advancements in the near future for your progress, your company’s progress and the ultimate aim of contributing to the development. Keeping you professional opportunities in mind allow us to introduce you to the World of CODING, a Sac filled with whopping opportunities!

What is Python Programming language - Python For Beginners

Well for somebody who is still living under the rocks, Python is a simple high-level programming language, that has clean syntax, object encapsulation, good library support, and optional named parameters.

Coding Interview Preparation - Placements with Coding Elements

It’s about time and the placement festival, if rightly said as so; is almost here or probably has commenced at a few places. Placement is more of a journey wherein one decides or rather realizes his worth and his standing. It begins while we’re undergraduates but doesn’t end and of course if you go for higher studies you’ll face another round of placement.

How My Kid Transformed After Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Lessons

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) experience by a mother of 7 years old child. There is ample research that asserts that integration of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is advantageous for kids. All parents wanted their kids to experience it first-hand, and so I enrolled him in a three-month SEL program. I am glad to report that the SEL courses changed my kid’s life for the better

Impact Of Emotions On Memory And Learning Behaviour

Emotions! We often use this term in our daily lives probably because we experience different emotions on a daily basis. Every day, is different and so is the level of our emotions. You might feel ecstatic as you rise up in the morning but the level of happiness settles down as the day passes, or it could be you woke up all grumpy probably because you hate to get up early but as the day progresses, you feel calm and happy.

Coding for Kids: How To Teach Your Kids Programming Skills Step By Step

Kids have compassionate personalities. They don't like doing anything that doesn't please them, so it becomes essential for us as their parents/guardians to help them develop interests in things that are beneficial for them. Learn about the most important steps to help your child get started with programming.

Important Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Don’t you feel great when you meet people from different states, everyone up with their own language? Ever meet a Spanish person? French one? or the Dutch-speaking fellow? Aren't you a language fanatic? Now you might be thinking how semantics are related to Python, right? So all the young future coders out there you first need to know is that Python is a high-level programming language with diverse semantics.   Don’t you feel great when you meet people from different states, everyone up with their own language? Ever meet a Spanish person? French one? or the Dutch-speaking fellow? Aren't you a language fanatic? Now you might be thinking how semantics are related to Python, right? So all the young future coders out there you first need to know is that Python is a high-level programming language with diverse semantics. For some of you, I would also like to mention that Python is well interpreted higher purpose general level programming language developed upon the confrontations of the shortcomings of the ABC language, Guido van Rossum coined the idea of Python in 1989 and was first released in 1991. By interpreted we mean that python is doesn't require any compilers for not being a compiled language. Programmers are usually in love with this language because of its distinctive features making it easy to read, easy to write with minimal syntax thereby reducing complications and the cost of program maintenance which ultimately increases the readability and productivity. As mentioned, python isn't a compiled language so the edit-test-debug test cycle is incredibly fast making a program debugging easy. Programmers often carry out debugging by adding few print statements to the source and this simple approach is made effective by fast edit-test-debug cycle. With all this, the scripting language speeds up the developmental process and all this constitutes its high demand, popularity, adaptability, expandability and even reliability.   Talking about its use, I like you to...

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Life

The notion of emotional intelligence broadens the concept of intelligence beyond the intellectual domain and considers that intelligence includes emotions. Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that underlie accurate appraisal, expression, and regulation of emotions

Campus Ambassador Program - Coding Elements

Do you like to participate in societies and clubs? Have you organized events in your college? Do you know the “right person” in college for each task? If yes, then you’ll like this offer. You just have to be a current student in a college.

Teach Your Kids to Code - Coding for Kids in 2020

All this while people have been talking about how coding is beneficial for your kids, reasons why kids should learn coding and what is the best age to start coding? These questions seem never-ending but on ironically their answers seem to sum up at only a few reasons. The answers seem to go around in circles with a little moderation at each round.

Coding Classes for Kids - Top Coding Programs 2020

Well to start with, coding does not restrict people from learning it. No matter what the age is, be it a kid, an adult, or even an old aged for that matter. All that counts is the willingness of the person to learn to program. We, here at Coding Elements aim to teach everyone all across the nation who are willing to learn the language. We have a number of courses for kids suitable for their respective age groups based on their goal, intellect, adaptability, and ability.

Top 5 Ways to Develop Problem-Solving Skills in your Child

We have all heard of the term Problem-Solving.  It is one of the most vital skills tested during entrance exams, job interviews, etc. Most industries prefer their employees to have excellent problem-solving skills, and this is an essential skill in life.

Off-Campus Placement Preparation - Coding Elements

It’s about time and the placement festival if rightly said as so; is almost here or probably has commenced at a few places. Placement is more of a journey wherein one decides or rather realizes his worth and his standing. It begins while we’re undergraduates but doesn’t end and of course, if you go for higher studies you’ll face another round of placement.

Top Reasons behind Increasing Demand for Python Programming Language

Python has been the buzzword in the programming community for some time now. Python has been around since it was created in the year 1991, but it has gained popularity in the past few years. Many applications use Python and there has been a need for skilled Python Programmers across the globe.

Coding for Kids: Top Reasons Why Coding is Important For Kids

Rise of the technology has taken over everything today and has been so since a while now. Coding in this generation has become very prominent. It has stepped up their game in the field of technology. Coding is the core of technology. You cannot create if you don’t know how to code well that kinda makes as both of them start with alphabet ‘c’.

Social And Emotional Learning (Sel) – What Parents Should Know

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of the trending buzzwords in the online universe. Parents are having active discussions about SEL too. The reason for SEL to have become a prominent force today, it is because parents want to ensure that their kids are socially fit and emotionally available at home and in school.

Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Love Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Classes

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) experience by a mother: Speaking from my personal experience, I put my 7-year old in a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) course, and he absolutely loved going for SEL classes. Let me break down the 5 reasons why kids – and mine in particular – love going to SEL classes

How to Crack Coding Interview? An honest answer by Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Job interviews can be challenging. Preparation is important. Candidates have to come with answers that set them apart from the competition.   In other words, you have to know the obvious as well as have the skill to navigate through some of the difficult questions that are asked with the intent to confuse you.   But what do you do when you’re asked a question that you don’t have an answer for.   That’s a situation that Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, had to face when he appeared for an interview at Google in April 2004. In April 2004, the IIT Kharagpur alumni were called in for an interview, and Google had launched its email service – Gmail – on that very day.   When Sundar Pichai was asked about his thoughts about Gmail, his response was simple:   He didn’t know about it because he hasn’t used it.   He honestly added that he thought that Gmail was a joke because it was April 1 – April Fool’s Day.   Next, the interviewer asked him if he had seen Gmail.   Sundar Pichai replied in the negative.   The interview did not sideline Sundar Pichai and instead proceeded to tell him about the Gmail product, and showed it to him. Sundar Pichai used that opportunity to understand the product, and used that exposure to his advantage in the following interview rounds.   Of course, Sundar Pichai was hired at the end of the 5th interview round. It happened because he applied himself and his common sense to get out of a tricky situation.   It’s a wonderful story for all who are going to start preparing for their job interviews.   Google's iconic co-founders Larry Page & Sergey Brin stepped out of their roles within Google, appointing Sundar Pichai CEO of Google's parent company, Alphabet.   He thanked both of them for their confidence in his abilities with a tweet. As a candidate, you don't need to have the answer to every question asked during the interview.   So long as you know the basics, and are qualified, you will navigate through the interview questions.  ...

Top 6 Reasons to Get Skilled in Python Programming in 2020

Python has become one of the most trending programming languages in the past few years and is here to stay. Everyone seems to be talking about Python, and skilled Python Developers are in demand like never before.

Top 10 Activities For Kids That Can Overcome The Coronavirus Shutdown

We feel it’s safe to say that a maximum of us are getting bored from being it the kids or the adults and even the oldies for that matter; in this Coronavirus shutdown situation. NO school, NO outdoor play, NO office, NO college.

The Future of Education Depends on Social Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning comprises of two broad terms required for the development of your child's character- Emotional or Behavioral Control and the Social Exposure. Your kid needs to learn subjects probably maths or science but it is also important to grasp social relations and work on emotional skills.

10 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Code

As technology continues to pick up the pace, the demand for talented coders and programmers is on the rise. Moreover, it has been reported that the majority of kids today show interest in computers by the age of 3 years. As a result, computer learning classes for junior-school students has become the new normal.

Programming Classes for Kids: The Top 8 Do’s and Don’ts

Programming and Coding are what’s really in right now. Everywhere we see, its technology doing wonders. In this fast-paced generation, where some people have the audacity to accept newer forms of development while others don’t; it’s still delightful to see how others are warming up to it now. People have been rigid in their own ways for years or even decades for that matter, but now as the time is changing so is the acceptance of newer technology.

Coding for Kids - Why California Schools Teach Coding from Grade 3

Unlike India, countries in the West promote elementary school curriculums to including coding courses and programs. The California state in the US is one example where coding classes are mandatory for students from Grade 3 onwards.

Top 8 Reasons Why It Is Important For Your Kids To Learn Coding in 2020

Technology has created an uproar in the world. Not just in their fraternity, but it has taken its toll over everything. In this generation where nobody knows when the tables are going to turn, we must make ourselves and our younger ones prepared for all the challenges and capable enough to learn and master every skill.

What is the best way to teach kids programming?

Coding Elements has taught over 2000 students from all across the globe with a dedicated and experienced faculty of 40 members who deliver live coding lessons to kids. Our kids have brought laurels to our institute and have been accepted into the top Computer Science programs of the world.

Why Social-Emotional Learning Is A Core Competency In The Coming Future?

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a phenomenon that has found its way to India. In the era of social media dominance, SEL has established itself a phenomenon that aims to focus on education from a different standpoint.