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Double Salary for Coding Experts at Infosys - Coding Elements

Double Salaries for Coding Experts at Infosys

Things are looking up for professional coders in India. Taking after TCS’ initiative to double the salaries of coding experts, another tech major – Infosys – is preparing to increase its campus-based hiring activities.   News is that Infosys wants to extract as much skilled talent as possible for from top engineering colleges across the country – IITs and NITs included – to help build its workforce, and have it populated by digitally skilled individuals.   Infosys aims to hire coding aspirants – fresh graduates – and recruit them as ‘power programmers.’ And the best part is that the new hires will be offered salary packages that are twice the remuneration that was offered to campus graduates in earlier years. Last year, Infosys inducted 500 new recruits via campus placements. The main premise of this strategic initiative is to recognize the top performers after having them undergo a training period. Post-which, Infosys will hire 5 percent of the top candidates, and they will be rewarded with promotions and incentives. The ‘power programmer’ campaign has benefits for existing employees of the company.   Infosys will organize a series of internal coding tests and hackathons and then shortlist the best-performing existing performers. Once they become ‘power programmers’, they will receive a salary raise.   As part of Infosys’s ‘Digital Tag’ initiative, the company wants to create a pool of skilled employees’ who reflect the organization’s digital readiness.   As per the initiative, Infosys will give incentives and benefits to employees who demonstrate proficiency in any of the 32 must-have skills – and four must-have skills – shortlisted by the company.   The shuffle in the internal hiring processes is part of Infosys’s strategy to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in the technology and innovation space.   Talent management and training are important, and Infosys making sure that it is well-prepared.   Do you want to become a Coding Expert?   Do you want...

Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google's Parent Company Alphabet

How to Crack Coding Interview? An honest answer by Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Job interviews can be challenging. Preparation is important. Candidates have to come with answers that set them apart from the competition.   In other words, you have to know the obvious as well as have the skill to navigate through some of the difficult questions that are asked with the intent to confuse you.   But what do you do when you’re asked a question that you don’t have an answer for.   That’s a situation that Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, had to face when he appeared for an interview at Google in April 2004.

Learn Programming by Coding Elements

Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?

Your interest in coding does not primarily depend upon whether you are a computer science or a mathematics student. It only requires sheer dedication and unstoppable passion. Now the question is why? Why in the world you should learn to program? Why should you code?

React Native Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development using React Native

Alright, Many of you might not be familiar with the term REACT NATIVE. Although that’s just a hunch but anyhow taking in the most basic question first, React Native is a framework that provides a set of components as well as extensions which authorize the developers to write native Android and IOS applications by employing only JavaScript and the React UI library. Originally created by Facebook, it was made accessible and open source in the year 2015.

Coding Interview Preparation

Off-Campus Placement Preparation

It’s about time and the placement festival, if rightly said as so; is almost here or probably has commenced at a few places. Placement is more of a journey wherein one decides or rather realizes his worth and his standing. It begins while we’re undergraduates but doesn’t end and of course if you go for higher studies you’ll face another round of placement.

Coding for Kids by Coding Elements

Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Rise of the technology has taken over everything today and has been so for a while now. Coding in this generation has become very prominent. It has stepped up their game in the field of technology. Coding is the core of the technology.

Will The Technology Leave Us Behind?

Benefits of Learning Python Programming Language

In this modern era where technology is taking its toll over everything and in every way possible, now there’s not much left that we can wish for. The basic purpose of machines was to reduce human effort and make life a bit easier but considering the advancement in technology; we think it’s apt to say that we have achieved way beyond our expectations.

Top Programming Languages

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019-2020

With the passage of time when the loopholes of the old programming languages begin to highlight such that they are unable to match their pace with the modern needs that constitute the project advancements and future progress and development, then and there starts the urge to create new languages that could not only cover the loopholes but could also match the pace of the respective developmental time. Some of these newer languages are described in this article.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Coining the definition in the simplest of terms, Machine Learning is a fragment of artificial intelligence that focuses on learning by machines from its own experiences and hence based on its experiences, making predictions. This provides the potential to the machines to make data-driven decisions instead of being programmed explicitly for carrying out a certain task. These algorithms (programs) are designed in such a way that they not only learn but also improve over time, on being exposed to new data.

Why Should We Learn Python Programming Language

Important Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Don’t you feel great when you meet people from different states, everyone up with their own language? Ever meet a Spanish person? French one? or the Dutch-speaking fellow? Aren't you a language fanatic? Now you might be thinking how semantics are related to Python, right? So all the young future coders out there you first need to know is that Python is a high-level programming language with diverse semantics.   Don’t you feel great when you meet people from different states, everyone up with their own language? Ever meet a Spanish person? French one? or the Dutch-speaking fellow? Aren't you a language fanatic? Now you might be thinking how semantics are related to Python, right? So all the young future coders out there you first need to know is that Python is a high-level programming language with diverse semantics. For some of you, I would also like to mention that Python is well interpreted higher purpose general level programming language developed upon the confrontations of the shortcomings of the ABC language, Guido van Rossum coined the idea of Python in 1989 and was first released in 1991. By interpreted we mean that python is doesn't require any compilers for not being a compiled language.

Coding Elements Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassador Program - Coding Elements

Do you like to participate in societies and clubs? Have you organized events in your college? Do you know the “right person” in college for each task? If yes, then you’ll like this offer. You just have to be a current student in a college.

Python For Data Science

What is Python Programming language - Python For Beginners

Well for somebody who is still living under the rocks, Python is a simple high-level programming language, that has clean syntax, object encapsulation, good library support, and optional named parameters.   To walk hand in hand with today’s world, I think it’s the high time people should start investing in learning a good skill and that includes not just the youth but as well as the middle-aged or even older for that matter.   For those who feel that learning python is difficult or that it cannot help them in any way let me break the ice for you: Python language is literally leading the world! There’s not a thing it can’t do when it comes to web and application development.