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date_rangeNov 11, 2020

Coding Elements was founded with the aim of teaching coding to students across the world. Coding is not just about syntax. It is the solving of complex problems and coming up with the best solutions. The curriculum has been designed keeping this in mind. It covers many practice questions and real-world projects that give students a chance to apply what they are learning. Students also work on multiple technologies at times and it makes them become confident with their skills. 


What sets Coding Elements apart is their course content. It is very comprehensive and has a lot of questions and FAQs. AI-related courses focus heavily on projects and problem-solving. The Machine Learning course also has a separate section in interview preparation. The mentors are people who have worked in ML for many years and also submitted research papers. By the end of the course the student is ready to start a career in the field of AI and ML. 

Interactive Learning

The other courses also heavily focus on coding practice. The platform also has an online code editor and automatic code checker to help students work on coding problems on the spot. While it is obvious that learning coding can be tough, there are trained TAs to help students during their learning. Students get live support from teachers via chat or email. Interaction and doubt clearing are encouraged. Students also receive feedback on their performance in projects. 

Students can also see their leaderboard to get an idea about their performance. This is to encourage healthy competition among students. Apart from this, there are friendly videos with fun facts along with lots of FAQs to help students. 


This is a time when everyone has priorities like studies or their job. Coding Elements courses have a long access period. They can be taken from home at one’s convenient pace. Since the content is available for four years, students get a lot of time to learn and revise their concepts.

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