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Faculty from USA | Faculty with industry experience | Highest rated faculty | Coding Elements | Mudit Goel

Mudit Goel

Founder & Lead Instructor

Mudit has experience at top Software companies like LinkedIn. He has served as a member of the Hiring Committee at top companies in Silicon Valley and conducted over 400 interviews. He got his CS degree from New York and worked in San Francisco, California for 5 years.

Faculty from USA | Faculty with industry experience | Highest rated faculty | Coding Elements | Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Selection rate less than 1%

All teachers receive feedback and training in coding, teaching, social, and emotional skills.
As a teacher, you will work with motivated people who have impressive backgrounds and industry experience at top companies.


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Faculty from USA

with experience at top companies like

Faculty from USA | Highest rated faculty | Coding Elements Faculty from LinkedIn CaliforniaFaculty from top companies | Best faculty in India | Coding Elements Faculty from IBM BangaloreFaculty with industry experience | Best faculty in Delhi NCR | Coding Elements Faculty from Amazon Noida
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Highest Rated Coding Company

Our coding teachers come from the top universities and companies.

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Best placements in India | Coding Elements placements at LinkedIn
Best placements in India | Coding Elements placements at Amazon
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Join our team of coding teachers and recevie training in coding, teaching, social, and emotional skills.

About Us

We are one of the best institutes providing top notch computer programming education. We have the best faculty, who with their extensive industry experience provide excellent knowledge to each and every student.

We have already trained thousands of students and are on our journey of training many more. We provide training in the best technologies that are highly relevant in the industry currently and thus help students achieve their dream job.

“The secret to education lies in respecting the student” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We value our students and help them build skills that will be with them throughout their career. Extensive hands-on practice during classes helps them gain expertise in the subject. This builds their confidence and problem solving ability.

Our Vision

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    Discover Coding Talent across Countries

    Our vision is to create the next generation of coders who will have a strong foundation and practical experience in the most trending technologies like Machine Learning, Mobile App Development, Data Science, etc. We are working towards providing education that is based on the real industry requirements so that students achieve great heights in their respective fields.
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    Provide Industry Level Knowledge

    In the fast paced job world, it is essential to be trained with skills that will be useful in the industry. This is why we provided courses that are a blend of theory, exercises, tests, projects that will help students get a feel of the industry.
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    Support the Growth of Students

    We believe that learning is a journey. Hence we encourage our students to continuously improve their skills through practice and dedication. We are trying to build the “Growth Mindset” in students.
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    Help Students Find the Right Opportunity

    We feel extremely delighted to see our students get placed in wonderful companies. Apart from providing technological training, we also offer a spectrum of Career Services like Placement Assistance, Career Guidance, etc. to help students move ahead in their job search.

What Makes Us Different from Other Institutes?

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    Our Dream of Making Quality Coding Education Easily Accessible

    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

    We believe that quality coding education is essential in today’s fast growing world. Skilled professionals are sought after by all companies around the globe. We want to help students gain expertise in the current and upcoming technologies so that they can excel in their career.
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    Highly Experienced and Expert Faculty

    Our faculty are people with extensive knowledge and industry experience. They constantly work with dedication and perseverance to ensure that students get ready to face the industry with their knowledge and skills.
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    Carefully Crafted Curriculum For Every Course

    We spend a lot of time designing the curriculum so that it is in-line with the current industry trends and demands. We do a lot of research on the subject matter and practice materials before finalizing them.

    Our main aim is to ensure that we include all the basic and advanced concepts that students need to know.

    We carefully select projects and practice exercises as part of the hands-on training of the course.
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    Multiple Batches That Students Can Select From

    We provide both online and classroom based education to reach out to as many students as possible. The online classes have dedicated teaching support and students can clarify their doubts with our Teaching Assistants (TA).

Why Learn Programming ONLINE at Coding Elements?

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    Learn At Your Own Pace

    You can study at your own convenient time from the comfort of your home. This is a great option for those who don’t have the time for a classroom session. You get an access period of 4 years during which you can complete the lessons.
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    Excellent Quality Video Lessons

    We ensure that the quality of your online learning experience is good. Our sessions have been carefully crafted and recorded to ensure that you benefit the most from them.
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    Continuous Support From Our Teachers

    Even though you are taking the course online, you receive continuous support like doubt clearing, help with exercises, etc. Our Teaching Assistants are available through live chat support.
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    Online Code Evaluation

    You can submit your code snippets to our online code checker, and it will be evaluated for you. And if you have any additional queries, you can contact our Teaching Assistants.
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    Certificate to Showcase Your Achievements

    You will get a verified certificate after you successfully complete the course and exercises. This can be added to your resume and presented to your future employer.
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    We Provide A Free Trial of the Course

    If you are not sure about joining for the course, you can take a Free Trial of our course and then decide.

Some Unique Features of Our LIVE Courses

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    Comprehensive Curriculum Designed by Experts

    Our curriculum is designed by Experts with many years of industry experience. We have ensured that we cover foundation level as well as advanced concepts in the course. You also get to work on many exercises and projects where you apply what you learn. This gives you a complete learning experience.
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    Latest Technologies are Covered

    We have created courses of technologies that are highly relevant in the industry today. In every course, we include numerous exercises, tests and projects which are help you understand the concepts in-depth. Learning these technologies from our institutes will open up many career opportunities for you.
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    Experienced and Knowledgeable Faculty

    Our teachers are very experienced and have worked in the industry for many years. They will ensure that you not just learn the technology, but also develop essential skills that will help you in any technology you work on in the future.
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    Interactive LIVE Doubt Sessions

    Since we want our classes to be interactive and beneficial to the students, we provide LIVE Doubt Sessions. Our students can clear their queries and each student gets personalized attention from the faculty.
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    Career Support Available to Our Students

    We value our association with our students and as part of this, have many career services available. We help students with interviews, placements, career guidance, resume review, etc.
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    Good Track Record of Previous Students

    Many of our previous students have been placed at good companies. They are working in companies like IBM, Oyo, etc.
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    Live Learning from the Comfort of Your Home

    We understand that students have to spend a lot of time on commute. Our LIVE classes can be taken by students from their home. They save time and still have a complete learning experience. We provide interactive Doubt Sessions to students. Experienced faculty help them solve their doubts.

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Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.

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