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Which is the best training institute of Python in Delhi NCR?



Anmol Khurana, Student at Delhi Public School

Python for Data Science

I have to commute a lot to attend classes at Coding Elements. I don't mind. Because every single class has been worth the tiresome journey. I think, you are one of the best teachers I've had. Probably the best. I hold you in quite high an Esteem. I think you are really good at teaching the things you teach, but you are also good at listening to the doubts and getting to the core of issues, and understanding what is really bothersome, and also at being patient, as the process of 'learning' has its fits and starts and patience is ultimately the way to go, no matter what other virtues you may have. Also, the non-judgmental approach you take towards us, that's quite a relief in itself. It's a lot of pressure off the back of any student who is trying to master a new skill. I am hyperactive and it is really hard for me to keep my interest in one place for months on end. But, in this case, I think Im hooked to programming for a long long time, thanks to you, for the way you helped structure and create my paradigm towards programming and the field of computing in general. And all the conversations we have had apart from 'Python', they were very meaningful in itself. And you shared freely, everything that you could, about computing and other topics, and I think, this too, will help me cast my career in a different light. In recent days, you have become a friend, a teacher and a mentor. And writing this was my way of saying 'Thank You'.

Which is the best institute for coding in Delhi?



Aryan Gupta, Delhi

Java with Data Structures

For me, Coding Elements was the obvious choice. I would highly recommend visiting the Coding Elements Institute before you enroll elsewhere. The staff is well versed in the material and will be able to provide answers to all your questions. The faculty believes in practical knowledge and all coursework is based on applications and technologies that are not only applicable in the real world but also in high demand in the industry. Coding Elements prepares you for the industry and helps you find a job within India or abroad through their network of employers.

Who has the best web development course...?



Karan, IP University

Web Development

I took the Web Development course at Coding Elements (also got job offer right after the completion of the course). I chose Coding Elements because i noticed that they teach ReactJS and Google Cloud Platform. I wanted to learn ReactJS because it is one of the most popular front end technologies and companies like Facebook use it. No other institute in Delhi was offering this course. These platforms allow you to build highly scalable and secure websites using Javascript very quickly. All these technologies are fully managed and practically available free of charge. You can use FireStore or Google Cloud databases as your fully managed databases. Firebase and Cloud Functions (similar to AWS Lambda) are the latest way to build server-less backend . You can even send push notifications very easily. Snapchat recently announced choosing Google Cloud over AWS. The faculty are very helpful and they will keep pushing you until you completely understand the concepts. I highly recommend you to join Coding Elements

Is the Coding Elements’ machine learning course good?



Kirath Singh, University of Sydney

Machine Learning

Prior to embarking on the study trip to India, I did countless hours of research and eventually decided to enroll in the Python and Machine learning course at Coding Elements. Mr. Mudit has been one of the best teachers I have learnt from in my entire education timeline. He is very patient when it comes to explaining ideas and would dissect content into easy to understand portions. Moreover, he tends to incorporate real life scenarios to make the lessons fun and engaging. To re-enforce our learning, Mr Mudit gives us numerous assignments which are discussed in the following class. The assignments consist of questions asked by recruiters from well-known companies to questions which boost the confidence of the student.

Should I join Coding Elements in Delhi?



Saheil Gupta, Mata Jai Kaur Public School

Javascript for Juniors

Yes, I do think you should certainly consider going to the **CODING ELEMENTS**. I took the Javascript for Juniors course with Mudit sir. He is very helpful. We built a chat application using Javascript. I showed it to my teachers as well, and they really liked it. I enjoyed the course a lot because we learned new things everyday and we built new apps and websites everyday.

Which institute is best, Coding Elements, Coding Ninjas or Coding Blocks?



MJ from DTU, Computer Science student

Interview Prep & Competitive Coding

I did the interview preparation and competitive programming course at Coding Elements and it turned out to be the best decision. Im saying it best because no instructor at blocks/ninjas is a good/active competitive programmer. When it comes to Algorithms and data structures, no one can beat the assignments and course from Coding Elements. Ninjas is good for beginner coding. You may consider it if you plan to be average programmer or you focus is only on placements. I definitely do not recommend Coding Blocks for algorithms and data structures. This is my performance in last long challenge at CodeChef. Yes, rank 1 in India. I owe much of my progress to coding elements.

Coding Elements has been providing excellent training in the most upcoming technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Full Stack Web Development, Python Programming, etc. We aspire to make good quality coding education accessible to everyone. We have trained thousands of students till now, and are on the journey to training many more.

How is Coding Elements Different?

  • Highest Rated Institute on Google

  • Coding Elements is the highest-rated coding institute in India. Previous students have given great reviews about us.
  • Our Curriculum is Unique

  • We believe that it is essential for students to work on the technology they are learning, and hence we have a lot of industry-relevant projects in the courses. Students work on projects, solve problems, discuss the best solution, and build the solution with us. By the end of the course, they become confident to enter the industry.
  • Our Teachers are Experienced

  • We select our teachers very carefully. They are the best in the field and have years of industry experience. The quality of education they provide is excellent, and students benefit a lot. The teachers offer complete support to students until the end of the course.
  • Online and LIVE Programming Courses

  • We understand that students have busy schedules, and we provide flexible Online and LIVE Courses that students can take from the comfort of their homes. We have interactive Doubt Sessions and LIVE CHAT options with TAs.
  • Career Support

  • We value our association with our students and provide career support like Placement Assistance, Career Counselling, Interview Preparation, etc.

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