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“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” - Nelson Mandela

Do you aspire to become a leader someday? Are you driven, passionate, and energetic? Do you enjoy taking initiatives and organizing events? Are you always looking for new challenges to grow? Then, Coding Elements' Campus Ambassador Program is a perfect opportunity for you!

Our program is created to give you a chance to learn a lot of new things, hone up your leadership skills, gain a lot of confidence, and take away some very cool perks!

    Coding Elements - Campus Ambassador Program Details

    You get a chance to represent us in your college

    Promote our activities, courses, workshops, etc.

    Help in organizing activities

    Tell your college mates about us, spread the word.

    Benefits of Campus Ambassador Program

    A certificate and letter of recommendation from us that you can add to your profile

    A lot of start-up exposure and learning

    A chance to develop excellent leadership skills

    Lots of rewards and perks

    How do I become a Campus Ambassador of Coding Elements?

    Apply on our site

    If you’re shortlisted then we will get in touch with you

    You’ll have an interview with us

    Once you've cleared, you're one of our Super Cool Campus Ambassadors !!

Fill out the following Form and we will get back to you shortly.

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