Importance of Artificial Intelligence in The Modern world

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in The Modern world

date_rangeMay 02, 2020

It is evident that over the years, there has been a spectrum of developments in the technology sector. The involvement of artificial intelligence at every step is has turned out to be amazing. It made so many jobs automated, reducing human effort. It has made everyone believe that there is yet more to come in the future.

Artificial intelligence has proved to be a path-breaking experience in every field and not just technology. Online retailers in the fashion industry have readily invested a good sum of money in AI while the others plan to do so in the next 24 months, as stated by recent surveys.

Now the question is why is the e-commerce industry showing their interest in Artificial Intelligence? The following points will help you get a better understanding of this question:

  • RECEIVING PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE- Amongst the entire benefits of AI, one is that it imparts personalized experience to its customers. It allows online retailers to not only add personalized pages to their websites but also provide personalized recommendations to their visitors. This ensures to raise sales and at the same time make good communication with the visitors. The recommendations do store a record of what the people previously like or what they purchase and other than that it also shows a few more complimentary products that the customers would probably show interest in if not buy. So AI in the retail business is on the right track doing wonders. 


  • CHATBOTS HELPING TO BOOST CUSTOMER INTERACTION- 73% of customers prefer brands that provide immense customer support; as stated by a survey. Obviously, people prefer a person lending their hand while they are at it which is the traditional way that has been there ever since. But with the invasion of chatbots, the tables have completely turned upside down. A report concludes that by the end of 2020, approx 80% of customer interactions will be managed by Artificial Intelligence. Chatbot or Chat-robot is an AI-controlled computer program that prompts human conversations. The AI Chatbot works as a virtual help desk in assisting the company.


  • HIGH-END SECURITY- AI will ensure customers with their security-related concerns. Many people tend to have second thoughts while adding products to their cart so they discard them due to security reasons. This will no longer happen as the online shopping companies will be making use of high-end security. It will also catch fraudsters by identifying any sort of inconsistency in purchase behavior.


  • OVERCOMING BUSINESS CHALLENGES- AI is helping to overcome challenges faced by the e-commerce industries. Through AI, the previously purchased history, demographics, likes and dislikes and pain areas can be accessed which will be present as a record so that the company is able to recognize its target customers.  This is a good way to keep the e-commerce brands engaged with one another in a very productive way.


  • IMPROVEMENT IN SEARCH RESULTS DUE TO MACHINE LEARNING- Customers or no customers, search results are one such parameter that has to be there on every website possible be it anything. Providing a good search result will not only boost customer satisfaction but also create their interests intact. Machine learning generates a search ranking which helps to keeps everything organized by importance instead of key matching which used to be a way back in the day.


  • IMPROVEMENT IN THE SALES PROCESS- In this generation where almost everything has its base set up on the virtual platform, the traditional door to door selling is out of business. But now that the base is shifted to online platforms, there has to be a lot of data generated. Through AI, companies can track the order history, predictive analytics as well as purchase frequency. This helps in figuring out when would the customer order next. This information can be used greatly to bring out sales campaigns and boost sales in number.


Machine learning and deep learning are the trending topics worldwide with their applications being brought into effective action not only in business but in all the major segments. Taking both into consideration, there are several courses offered where you could learn both or either of them. Many institutes offer great online as well as regular courses on Machine learning and Deep learning. 



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