Important Reasons Why You Should learn Python Language

Important Reasons Why You Should learn Python Language

date_rangeMay 02, 2020

In this modern era where technology is taking its toll over everything and in every way possible, now there’s not much left that we can wish for. The basic purpose of machines was to reduce human effort and make life a bit easier but considering the advancement in technology to date; we think it’s apt to say that we have achieved way beyond it. 

When it comes to up-gradation and advancement, why shall it be bounded just to the machinery and not us? Isn't matching up to the technology's level equally important? A word of wisdom; keeping balance in life is very important no matter what!  So to level up to the technology shouldn't everybody or at least those who are willing to learn the necessary skills? What we mean is programming is the core of the technology. In other words, programming is something one should be exposed to. Initially what looks difficult, when unfolded is full of fun and knowledge. Programming is not restricted. One can add their pinch of artistry and do wonders with it provided that the use of it is for the betterment and is harmless in any way whatsoever.  

Coming to the more technical part as we say, the best programming language according to the current scenario is Python which I’m sure many of you must be familiar with and if not, then Python is a high-level programming language that is simple, has clean syntax, object encapsulation, good library support, and optional named parameters. I think it’s safe to say that Python has become the unsurpassable programming language globally right now. You know it's never late to learn a skill and another word of wisdom; where there is a will, there is a way! Learning a new skill is not difficult anymore. Gone are those days where people had to face a hard time learning anything new or to even think of it. Before mentioning the ways to learn it, I'd like to state a few reasons on why to learn Python?

  • The prime reason is DATA SCIENCE.  If you're sick and tired of your old job, learn Python and switch to some other place I'm sure you'll be happy working on a higher pay with good skill on your side.
  • Another reason why people are investing in learning Python is MACHINE LEARNING. Python is the only major programming language that enables you to work in machine learning.
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT is another reason because Python has excellent libraries and frameworks that can make web development very easy.
  • LIBRARIES AND FRAMEWORK. As stated above, Python has a good number of open source libraries and frameworks that make application development really easy. It has numerous libraries that serve different purposes and can be accessed at any time.
  • JOBS AND GROWTH something, I stated in the beginning as well. Python is in high demand. People are willing to pay a crazy sum of money to hire people that are well versed in the language. So if you're one of them then you have your luck on your part.
  • Lastly, Python is not restricted to just one branch of knowledge. For example like other languages are meant for just one or two purposes the same is not with Python. You could go from writing scripts, all the way to making a bunch of applications by using just one programming language but of course, you need to master it first.

    Moving on from the reasons as to why you should learn Python to the benefits of learning Python because let’s be real that’s the big fish we are all after.
  • So because Python is built on an easy syntax, there are no hardships whatsoever in understanding it. Hence it can be used in the development of prototypes and at the same time speed up the process.
  • Another thing is that Python is suitable for the general-purpose tasks as well such as data mining and big data facilitation.
  • Python helps the developers irrespective of their skill level stay more productive and systematic or organized in comparison to other languages.
  • Because Python is easy to read, it is exemplary for being used amongst large developmental teams and multi programmers as the non-skilled set of people or team members can also understand it and follow up becomes easier as well.

Python as we all by now know that is an open-source language with a tremendous base support, numerous like-minded people work on it on an everyday basis. This is another key for communication between various developers bringing along a whole new set of people altogether.

Python keeps on upgrading or updating itself as time and technology progresses. This ensures that there is no gap between the prosecution of new functions and meeting evolving developmental standards.

Now throwing some light on the terms associated with Python, i.e. Data Science and Machine Learning. For the not so techy people, Machine learning is a fragment of artificial intelligence that focuses on the learning by machines from its own experiences and hence based on its experiences, making predictions. This provides the potential to the machines to make data-driven decisions instead of being programmed explicitly for carrying out a certain task. These algorithms (programs) are designed in such a way that they not only learn but also improve over time, on being exposed to new data.

Data Science on the other hand as the name suggests is the study of data that involves flourishing methods of recording, storing as well as analyzing data to wrench out information that is useful, productively. The main goal is to obtain intellectual acuity from any type of data; structured or unstructured.

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