Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in COVID 19 Pandemic Battle

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in COVID-19 Battle

date_rangeMay 04, 2020

The past few months have been a challenging time for the entire world.  COVID-19 the global pandemic has caused so much devastation, loss of lives, unemployment and has hit the world economy.  While every nation is continuously trying to fight the disease, there are a lot of studies going on to find a cure for it. Many companies are trying to utilize Artificial Intelligence to help fight this pandemic.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • High Productivity and Less Error-Prone

    AI systems, unlike human beings, can complete large amounts of work at a single time.  They don't need breaks like us. They are not prone to making human errors.

  • Ability to transform many sectors

    AI can bring massive changes and development to industries like healthcare, tourism, etc.

  • Handling of Risky Tasks

    Since AI systems are not human beings, they can handle many tasks that human beings can't handle.

  • Research and Studies

    Machine Learning, Data Science, NLP can create many research breakthroughs.  Large chunks of data can be analyzed using various techniques, and insights can be found.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the battle against COVID-19

  • In the Field of Research

    A lot of research has been going on to find more information about the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  In this respect, many companies like Microsoft, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, etc. have come together and released the COVID Open Research Dataset (CORD-19).  CORD-19 is a database of useful information and research articles and is powered by Artificial Intelligence.  It can be accessed via Semantic Scholar - Allen Institute for AI's platform.

    CORD-19 has thousands of research papers to help scientists and medical researchers in their studies of the Corona Virus. Kaggle has created a challenge to encourage Data Scientists to find useful insights and information on COVID-19 using the CORD-19 Dataset.  Millions of Data Scientists are part of the community, and they can contribute their studies related to COVID-19.

  • Robots to Help Reduce Human Exposure

    Many hospitals have considered introducing Robots to take up some tasks so that healthcare staff can be protected. AIIMS is planning to use robots by Milagrow during this time, according to the news. Boston Dynamics said in a tweet that they would introduce mobile robots to help reduce medical staff risks.

  • Predictive Analytics

    AI techniques can be used to predict information about the pandemic.  Some companies use this technique in their research and work. For example, The Canadian Company BlueDot uses AI to predict crucial insights on diseases. They combine medical expertise with big data analytics and machine learning to come up with useful solutions.

  • Discovering Vaccines

    Machine Learning techniques are being used to find the structure and other information about the virus so that a vaccine can be found soon.

  • Helping People Receive Genuine News

    During any adversity, one of the biggest problems we have to encounter is that of fake messages and forwards on social media channels.  Fake news does nothing but spreads fear in the minds of people.  WHO has collaborated with Praekelt.Org to deliver precise and helpful information directly to people.  They have used AI to help with this initiative.

Artificial Intelligence has an enormous scope in the present as well as in the future to help with global pandemics. Analyzing through large chunks of data and providing useful insights, predicting the progress of diseases, robotics, data visualization, NLP, etc. can help researchers tremendously.  AI has the capacity not just to help combat this pandemic but also to assist in future research.

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