Coding for Kids: Top Reasons Why Coding is Important For Kids

Coding for Kids: Top Reasons Why Coding is Important For Kids

date_rangeMay 01, 2020

Rise of the technology has taken over everything today and has been so since a while now. Coding in this generation has become very prominent. It has stepped up their game in the field of technology. Coding is the core of technology. You cannot create if you don’t know how to code well that kinda makes as both of them start with alphabet ‘c’.

Well keeping jokes apart, now is the time to raise your own game as well. I don’t think that there is any field that is lacking when it comes to talent. “If others can, so can I!” this should be our mantra which should be religiously followed.  By any means, I don’t promote the idea of doing what others do. What I mean to say is if a fair amount of people are investing in something brilliant that would not just shape their own lives but also be productive for society, then why not?  

Coding is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how you want it to. Or in other words, Coding is a skill where you take instructions (the steps in a task) and translate it into a language the computer understands since computers do not communicate like humans. As stated earlier it is the core of technology and speaking of the current scenario, more and more people are learning the highly demanded skill so you might as well try it. I think investing in learning the skill will prove to be more beneficial than thought not just for the kids or youth but also for the middle-aged or even older for that matter. I feel there is no harm in inculcating something in the beginning and to support that, kids should also learn to code. Not that the elder people cannot, nothing of that sort, but kids will have a comparatively longer period of time to master it.

Reasons why kids should learn coding:

  • It triggers their thinking ability. Computer programming brings the creative element out of every child. Because programming requires the use of logical thinking, children tend to think differently.
  • It builds problem-solving skills. Problem-solving is equally important in daily life. Learning to code gives the children a chance to learn this skill in their growing age that will go a long way with them throughout their life.
  • Develops resilience. Failing and then succeeding is the best way to learn. Children fail to do a certain task but their zeal to succeed does not decrease. This teaches them to remain optimistic no matter what and that in the end you try, try and finally succeed.
  • Computer programming is the future. Quite evident from the current status, that programming by no means is going down rather it will only reach greater heights. Indulging in something that has a bright future since the start will definitely help the kids to master it in their growing period and they don’t have to learn it later on for better career prospects.

Speaking of the benefits, because that’s the biggie :

  • First being that coding encourages creativity.
  • Secondly, it is a very promising career.
  • It helps in building resilience in kids at a young age.
  • Coding is the new literacy.
  • It helps in the development of computational skills.
  • Coding helps the kids in furnishing many skills other than computational such as problem-solving and thinking.

Now the question is why parents should encourage their kids to learn to code?

I think the above-mentioned points are a few major things that every parent would want their kids to learn any which way so then why not through a way that has some additional advantages.

Many parents don’t get the idea of indulging or promoting technical skills and others that do, are not very accepting on their part. Even if we eliminate the idea of some extra creativity and the sole concept of learning/developing computational skills, we have the ‘future’ on the brighter side that cannot be neglected. People with decent jobs in this time where unemployment is at an alarming rate; are readily switching their fields not just jobs, but fields to learn coding just to get better career opportunities.

 Every day somewhere in the world some sort of development or discovery is being carried out even if that’s on a small scale. At this alarming rate, the future is definitely in the hands of technology.  Everyone is trying to shed off their old modus operandi and fit in the shoes of today’s circumambient.

I believe that changes are necessary with time and for the better of course. Accepting newer mediums and methods for a better future is harmless and who knows while trying to teach the kids something, you also fall in love with something unimagined!

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