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How Coding for Kids Improves Communication Skills

date_rangeMar 04, 2021

Communication skills are necessary in every aspect of life, be in academics, career, and other activities. It has been included in many schools and colleges and is being given a lot of importance.

During college admissions, job interviews, etc. communication is one of the key skills. It showcases how the candidate can express himself. Coding is said to enhance communication skills. In this article, we will discuss the same. 

Ways in which Coding Improves Communication

Learning a Programming Language

A Programming Language can also be considered as any other language, just that it helps us communicate with the computer. When kids learn coding, they practice a new language and communicate their ideas with the computer. This improves their communication skills. 

Creative Self-Expression 

Coding involves thinking about a problem, and coming with ways to solve it. It gives kids a chance to express their thoughts and ideas creatively and this is an important component of communication. Every time a child comes up with an idea, and express it to his teacher, classmates or writes a program he is communicating with them. With a lot of coding practice, the child gets used to the skill of self-expression. 


As a kid finds a solution to a problem, be it simple or real-world, his self-confidence will increase. This is closely related to communication, since self-confidence is an essential part of it. Effective communicators are people who are very confident about themselves and their abilities. 

Empathy and EQ

Coding the solutions to problems involves building something that is useful to people. There is no point in developing a website that is full of information and has a cluttered UI. Coding encourages kids to think from the point of view of the users. Empathy and EQ are essential to communication since they help kids understand the other person’s point of view and gain a lot of knowledge on how to handle a real life conversation. 

These days, kids have the choice to start learning coding during their school years. There are many Coding for Kids courses available that help kids understand and learn programming. It is good to join a platform that has trained mentors with strong programming knowledge and a passion for teaching. It further helps kids develop essential skills. 

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