Four Ways to Motivate Kids to Learn During COVID19

Four Ways to Motivate Kids to Learn During COVID19

date_rangeFeb 03, 2021

The COVID19 Pandemic came as a shock to the entire world. It has affected everyone, be it working professionals or students. While most of us have had to adjust to doing most of our activities online, we can see that education has also been happening online.

This is a huge change for kids, and many of them are still struggling to adapt to the new ways. Let us look at some ways we can motivate kids to learn during these unprecedented times. 

Building a Study Space

Create a study space and arrange it in a way that encourages the child to remain inspired to learn and do his tasks. Ensure that the place is well lit and airy, and free from loud noises or distractions like the TV. Decorate the space with inspiring quotes, and pictures. 

Make a Routine

Having a study routine helps kids maintain a structure for learning. They don’t ignore any subject and also complete their assignments and projects on time. If there is no study routine then it is possible that the child wastes time without realizing it, or spends more time on a particular activity or subject while ignoring the other subjects. 


The child has to adjust to a lot of changes due to Online Learning. This can sometimes make the child feel stressed or worried. Clear communication and listening to what the child has to say can help him handle the situation better. Every child has a different personality and expresses himself in a unique way. While some kids might talk without any apprehensions, others might take time to open up about their experiences and challenges during learning. 

Regular Breaks

Sitting for long hours creates a sedentary lifestyle and this then has its own set of problems. Thus, it is important to take regular breaks during learning. This will help the child feel refreshed and motivated. The child can move about, walk or do some light exercise during this time. It is also important to have healthy snacks during the day. It helps the child focus better. 

While some of these points may seem simple, they do go a long way in making a difference. With a little support we can ensure that the child remains positive about their learning and enjoys their learning journey. 

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