India’s Lucrative Gaming Industry Trends

India’s Lucrative Gaming Industry

date_rangeMay 06, 2020

Gone are the days when games were treated purely as a hobby. The Gaming Industry has grown exponentially, with many new companies and startups coming up in the field.  Big Tech giants are investing in this industry now because they see a great future. According to Nasscom, it is anticipated that there will be 628 million active users by 2020. Companies like Sony, Amazon, and Microsoft have also started focusing on Gaming for a while now.

Why is the Gaming Industry Growing in India?

  • India has the largest youth population in the world, and many of them play games at least a few days every week. 
  • Mobile Phone Users have increased over the years. These days almost everyone has a mobile phone. Internet usage has also exponentially shot up since the prices of data packs have come down. This makes it possible for nearly everyone to have access to mobile games, which wasn’t the case earlier. The mobile gaming industry in India has seen a lot of growth due to these factors.
  • Lower Development Costs make it feasible for companies to invest in the Gaming Industry in India. Many big companies are investing in India, and a lot of new Indian companies are also growing. The future of the Gaming Industry in India is immense.


ESports, also known as Electronic Sports, is a sports competition between individuals or sports teams. Professional players take part in ESports, and a lot of organizing goes into conducting ESports. These competitions happen using video games. Some favorite ESports games are League of Legends, The Overwatch League, Fortnite, Dota 2. While ESports has been around for many years, it has received recognition from big investors only recently. ESports is a highly upcoming field in India. Many ESports startups have come up like JetSynthesys, Nodwin Gaming, and FanMojo.  The vast number of youngsters, the interest they have in Gaming, and the ability of users to invest in ESports are some of the reasons it is becoming popular here. Gamerji is a mobile gaming platform that was founded in the year 2019.  It hosts many games like PUBG and Free Fire.

Artificial Intelligence and Gaming

Artificial Intelligence has created a revolution in almost every field and sector, and Gaming is no different. The aim of AI in Gaming is to improve the virtual environment and gaming experience of the players. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are being extensively researched and are expected to be the future of Gaming. Systems will learn from their own previous experiences and use this data to create a better and more realistic experience for the player. This is the aim of AI in Gaming. Some gaming companies are using AI for fraud detection also. These trends are already becoming visible in the Indian Gaming Industry as well.

Languages Most Used in Game Development

There are a lot of languages that support game development. Each of these languages has unique features that can help you create unique kinds of games.


This language has been popularly used by many developers to develop games. It is still widely used. C++ is quite challenging to learn, but once mastered, helps you build exciting games.


Java has some similarities to C++ since they are both Object Oriented languages. Java is platform-independent and can be run anywhere. It is commonly used for Android Mobile Games.


Python has extensive library and tool support, and it is open-source. Python is also an easy language to learn. Pygame framework makes it easy for developers to implement their games. Python has a large community of developers, and they help solve each other’s doubts.


JavaScript is commonly used with HTML and CSS. It has libraries that help with game development. It is highly versatile and is mostly used for online games.

Career Options in the Gaming Industry

With more and more companies starting gaming projects in India, many career opportunities have opened up. Gaming is an exciting and challenging field as it involves creating games that are interesting for users. Some of the career options in Gaming are:

  • Game Designer
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Animator / Artist
  • Audio/ Sound Engineer


The Gaming Industry is here to stay and grow. With more investors and startups, the industry is booming. More users are ready to invest money and time in games as compare to before. A large number of mobile phones and massive cuts in internet rates have made games a lot more accessible to users. Gaming is gaining more popularity now. The future of Game Development is bright, and this field offers a challenging yet lucrative career.

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Author - Atma pai

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