Coding for Kids Success Story- Dakshit Thakran

Coding for Kids Success Story- Dakshit Thakran

date_rangeFeb 10, 2021

Coding Elements student Dakshit Thakran has developed a Converter and Calculator App. This app does a lot of functionalities.

Coding for Kids Success Story- Dakshit Thakran

  • Calculator Functions (Addition, Multiplication, Division, Subtraction)
  • Percentage calculation 
  • Age calculation 
  • Temperature conversion 
  • Measurement conversion

Dakshit is in the fifth standard and is learning coding at Coding Elements with Miss Priyanshu. 

Link to Dakshit’s work:

At Coding Elements, kids learn logic and work on coding problems in the form of exercises, activities, and projects. The teacher also introduces them to Social Emotional Learning and Growth Mindset concepts and their EQ improves. 

Strong logic skills help kids in their academics, competitive exams, and admissions. It also makes it easier for students to pick up new technologies and programming languages in the future. 

We are glad to see kids demonstrate so much talent and creativity. We wish Dakshit all the best! 

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