Why Emotional Intelligence Classes are better than Intelligence Quotient Classes

Why Emotional Intelligence Classes are better than Intelligence Quotient Classes?

date_rangeMay 02, 2020

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. If refers to how receptive and understanding an individual is towards identifying his/her own emotions as well as others’ feelings and sentiments. As the world’s education and learning models continue to shift, the demand for emotionally-intelligent kids is growing by the day.

So, if you, as a parent, had to make a choice between putting your kid in an IQ class versus and EQ class. Which one would you choose? Let’s tell you why EQ classes are a far better option.

  • Enrolling your kid in an IQ class will certainly have a positive impact on his/her level of academic achievement. However, an EQ class will have a more wholesome after-effect. With higher EQ, your kid will be well-equipped to understand their self, identify their emotions, and also be able to relate with others – kids and adults – in a better way.
  • In an EQ class, kids learn character education. They engage in discovering how to think, how to feel, and how to respond to others in various situations.
  • EQ classes promote kids to discover their personality traits. A recent research has found that kids who demonstrate a higher EQ are more likely to grow up with higher sense of purpose, responsibility and maturity.
  • In an EQ class, your kid will learn and imbibe qualities of leadership, improved intuition and initiative, empathy and self-confidence.
  • IQ is an inherited trait whereas emotional intelligence can be learned. A recent research survey has concluded that kids who were part of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs showed 50 percent improvement in their academics and socialization patterns.


Considering the numerous advantages that are attached to being an emotionally-intelligent human being, it is a must for parents to ensure that they enroll their kids in an EQ class or program at the earliest.  


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