Best Ways to Learn to Code Online

Best Ways to Learn to Code Online

date_rangeMay 06, 2020

With the rapid advancement of technology and the pace at which innovation is happening, having expertise in coding can open up a plethora of career opportunities. These days there are numerous ways you can learn a new programming language or just improve your programming skills. In this article, we will look at some of them.

There are three modes of learning to code:

  • Reading materials
  • Listening to an audio lecture
  • Watching a video

Some platforms use one of these ways, while others use a combination of them.

Ways to Learn Coding Online

Take an Online Course

There are numerous courses available online for different programming languages. Joining for a course is one of the best ways to learn to code. These days online courses have become effective since they combine videos, text, and audio modes of learning. There is a platform for students to ask doubts to teachers during the course. While selecting an online course, it is essential though to keep in mind a few things:

The Institute Providing the Course

Always join an institute that has a high rating and good student reviews. Also, try to read up about the institute and research about their previous courses, the students' placements, the curriculum, etc.

The Faculty

The most crucial thing about a course is the teachers who are going to teach you. You need to find out if they are experienced in the industry, if they have worked in technology, etc. While learning a programming language always learn from teachers who have been in the field themselves and who have applied the language in the real-world.

The Curriculum

Always check the curriculum that they will be covering. If you don't know much about the technology, ask a friend or acquaintance to go through the curriculum. Ensure that the curriculum is comprehensive, and they cover all the essential things.

Projects/ Hands-On

In coding, it is essential to learn how to solve coding problems. Theoretical concepts are crucial, but so is the application of the knowledge in a program. So, always go for a course that has an ample number of projects and coding hands-on practice. It will give you confidence in the technology you are learning.

YouTube Videos

There are a lot of videos available on YouTube that cover concepts of coding. You can go through some channels, the content and comments put by others, and then decide which one to study.

Coding Articles and Blogs

A great way to know about the latest trends in the technology you are interested in is to read coding articles and blogs written by professional coders. Some of these blogs explain concepts very well. Some writers write useful articles based on their real project experience. These kinds of essays can help you gain an understanding of the application of concepts in the real world.

Online Coding Communities

There are a lot of active communities that discuss coding problems. Many professional coders from all over the world discuss complex real-world coding problems and find the most efficient solutions. Such communities are beneficial for beginners as well as seasoned coders. You can learn a lot more by just going through different threads on the site. Some of the popular online communities are Stack Overflow, Github, Code Project.

Online Competitions for Coders

To encourage learning, many online coding competitions, like Codathons, are conducted these days. Coders have to work on projects and come up with a solution. This helps them gain much needed real-world knowledge.

With the vast number of resources available, learning to code has become more accessible. With the advent of many technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI, this is an excellent time to start learning to code. The knowledge of coding can help you get a lucrative job, as well as improve essential skills like Problem Solving (ability to solve complex problems), logical thinking, confidence, and communication. So if you haven't started learning a programming language, this is a beautiful time to do so.

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Author - Atma Pai

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