Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Love Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Classes

Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Love Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Classes

date_rangeMay 01, 2020

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) experience by a mother:
Speaking from my personal experience, I put my 7-year old in a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) course, and he absolutely loved going for SEL classes. Let me break down the 5 reasons why kids – and mine in particular – love going to SEL classes

  • Less Theory More Action: SEL is not like going for an academic session. One of the mainstays of SEL is that it promotes personality and character development in children. And it happens through learning exercises that are very demonstrative in nature.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: My kid – like many other kids – loves to be given homework wherein he can practice and show what he learned in class on a given day. Fortunately, SEL classes are great because kids go to class with the expectation of learning things that can be practiced at home. For example, being kind and respectable to parents, and learning basic etiquette like saying words like “Please and “Thank you.”
  • Improves School Experiences: After joining SEL classes, my kid came up to me one fine day and said that he’s never going to “not do his homework.” I was surprised and asked the reason for his change of heart. The kid replied “I would be cheating my teacher. In SEL class, we were taught that cheating in school is bad. And I am never going to do it.” I was proud.
  • Respect and Diversity: One of the big reasons why my kid loves going to SEL classes is because he gets to interact and play with children of various backgrounds. Agreed, intercultural socialization is commonplace in schools as well. But as my kid told me one day “I don’t think I would get to have so much fun with so many different kinds of children at once on a daily basis.”
  • Emotional Intelligence: Saving the best for the last, kids love SEL because it allows them to tap into their emotional core. They adapt to being sensitive and learn that it okay to have emotions. Speaking of, my kid’s emotional intelligence has certainly gone up because he acts more aware and alerts at home and school.

You have got to hand it to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to be so effective in promoting the transformation of kids.




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