Top 6 Dream Jobs for the 21st Century Kids

Top 6 Dream Jobs for the 21st Century Kids

date_rangeMay 02, 2020

Back in the time when we were kids, our career aspirations were rather creative and out of this world – literally. We wanted to grow up and become a better version of our favorite superhero or comic wizard.

Well, obviously when we grew older the realization hit us that the aforesaid options are not actual jobs. However, there are a plethora of real jobs that the kids can look up to and aspire to pursue. While kids’ ideally would love to do a specific kind of job primarily because they associate a certain level of excitement and fame to it but the real deal is something else entirely, of course. In the real world, real jobs demand experience, expertise, skill, and potential – and there is money involved. We have compiled a rundown of the top in-demand jobs, and kids must consider them, seriously!

Scientist: A good majority of kids are attracted to science. It’s a powerful and wholesome discipline by itself, therefore, the possibilities and prospects are endless. Kids though, when they think of science, the first thing they envision themselves to be is a scientist. Being a scientist is a lot of fun, and offers scope for lots of laboratory work and tests, research, and experiments. Scientists are also known to engage in fieldwork. And not to mention, the application is quite widespread. The options are endless; you can become an agricultural scientist, neuro-scientist, space scientist and what not! And in terms of salaries, scientists are well-paid.


Teacher: Many kids dream and aspire to become a teacher when they grow up. Recognized as one of the noblest professions in the world, being a teacher is a huge responsibility. Regardless of what grade or courses you may be teaching, getting to a point where you become a qualified educator, you have to be ready to go through the rigors of academic and professional training at different levels. Typically for a teacher to practice, they need a state-issued teacher’s license as well as prerequisite academic qualifications which include a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) credential, compulsorily.


Athlete: Many kids love sports and they become naturally inclined to want to establish a career out of it. Turns out good athletes have high demand across different sports all around the world. Moreover, kids get mighty excited when they learn that they can get paid for playing their favorite sports, professionally. But of course, the training and hard work that one needs to put in to become an athlete is immense. In addition to hours-long practice sessions daily, athletes have to keep up with a strict diet and lifestyle patterns. The returns are huge and very lucrative. What’s more, as athletes you get a chance to play in national and international tournaments, travel around the world. Because sports are an excruciatingly demanding domain, the shelf-life of an athlete is only a handful of years, and some more. But of course, once an athlete has hung their boots from the game, they can always transition to roles of being a sports coach, trainer or mentor.  


Musician: Many kids develop an interest in music at an early age. Growing up, kids are very likely to be attracted or inspired by a musician or a music band, and they may decide to pursue a career in the same industry, and hope to emulate the professional success of their favorites. To become a musician of any genre, it entails hours of vocal practice, keen ears for music and its many nuances. If the kids work hard enough, they must just strike the right chords in the right places. As far as prospects are concerned, musicians are paid handsomely for their performances; of course, in the beginning, the paycheck may not be hefty. But as you go on and establish your music and gain a wide outreach, event organizers and music managers and directors will come in your pursuit!


Actor: Kids watch TV and movies, and they become drawn to the glitz and glamour that surrounds the lives of actors. Kids aspire to become actors and gain the fame that comes with it. Truth be told, an actor’s job demands a lot of physical and mental energy and commitment. Everything that they do on screen is fictional, and the behind-the-scenes entails a lot of preparation. Becoming an actor today is a good choice because of there multiple avenues available – online and offline media channels.


Programmers: Today’s kids are extremely tech-savvy. Browsing through the Internet, working on different applications, playing games, etc gets them excited, and before they know it, the desire to learn coding and programming becomes the leading thought in their minds. Becoming a programmer now is one of the best career-decisions. Considering the technology explosion that is unfolding around us, tech companies are on the lookout for talented coders and programmers to support their vision and innovation.

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