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What is Python Programming language - Python For Beginners

date_rangeMay 02, 2020

Well for somebody who is still living under the rocks, Python is a simple high-level programming language, that has clean syntax, object encapsulation, good library support, and optional named parameters.

To walk hand in hand with today’s world, I think it’s the high time people should start investing in learning a good skill and that includes not just the youth but as well as the middle-aged or even older for that matter.


For those who feel that learning python is difficult or that it cannot help them in any way let me break the ice for you: Python language is literally leading the world! There’s not a thing it can’t do when it comes to web and application development.

Is that it? Definitely not! The full-fledged programming nature of Python makes it a perfect fit for implementing algorithms. Over the years many tools have been designed essentially for data science. As far as data science is concerned, it is the future of the coming generations.

The data science consulting companies are engaging in the extensive use of Python as their programming language. Python libraries lend a hand in dealing with the ‘big data’ which is basically the huge data handled by the data scientists. The applications that are built using Python are easily scalable and future-oriented as well. All the mentioned features of python have made it the prime choice by the data scientists.


Now the question is where to learn Python? For those who feel Python is a very advanced programming language, which it surely is, but it’s not difficult to learn. People who can invest a good amount of time can go for the widely available classroom courses and for those who find it difficult to manage their timings can opt for the online packages that are available at various websites or institutions.


Many learning institutes offer really appealing packages for both online and classroom courses so you can look for that. Make sure wherever you plan to learn from has well-versed faculty so that whatever time you invest turns out to be productive. As far as the Python Online Course is concerned, attend a demo class or some sort of trial of the online package beforehand so that you get a rough estimate of what’s going to unfold and if or not it suits you.

Python programming language has become the unsurpassable programming language in the cyber world globally and it definitely has a lot of reasons owing up to it. First being that Python is very popular not only among the concerned fraternity but also across the globe. People search for python a lot which has been calculated in numbers. Adding more to it, the previous year Stack Overflow analyzed the data on the growth of programming languages purely based on traffic from high-income countries. It concluded that python is one of the programming languages witnessing the fastest growth.


Secondly, a lot of companies use python. Uber, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Dropbox all use python for the testing and development of their applications. Also, python is used supremely in robotics and even in devices like Arduino.


Thirdly, due to its immense popularity, python has really got people's back! Its support is inevitable on almost every level. Last but not least; Python is the language of education. In the coming age of the cyber world and the rise in technology, Python is taught in universities not just in Computer science, but also in Mathematics. Matplolip, which is a popular python library, is used in subjects of all levels to express complex data. Python is one of the languages witnessing accelerated growth in the technology sector.

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