10 Reasons Why Your Kid Will Not Become A Ceo

10 Reasons Why your Kid Will Not Become a CEO

date_rangeMay 02, 2020

Becoming a company’s CEO is a dream that many parents nurture for their kids – from their time they are born. But, your dream may not become a reality after all. Why? Simply because your kid may not have what it takes to occupy the organization’s top seat.

Let’s give you 10 reasons why your kid will not become a CEO

  • Your kid’s emotional intelligence is zero. A successful CEO is one who is emotionally well-aware about his employees, clients, etc.
  • Your kid may not be people-savvy. Being an organization’s leader requires a socialization and people management skills
  • Your kid does not show empathy. Business leaders need to be aware of what their employees are doing, and how they feel.
  • Your kid likes to be left on his own.  A business CEO cannot and should not be a recluse.
  • Your kid dislikes communication beyond a point. Business leadership without communication is a failure.
  • Your kid isn’t creative about solving problems. Creative thinking and problem-solving are two pillars of a business CEO’s personality.
  • Your kid cannot make his own decisions. In business, decision-making power is important for the survival of the CEO and his business.
  • Your kid is a bad listener. As a CEO, you have to listen to what others are saying to you and around you. Otherwise, no one is going to care about what you say or do.
  • Your kid cannot deal with stress. Getting worked up about problems, and throwing a tantrum in public is not a CEO’s trait.
  • Your kid lacks discipline. Ill-organized and unprepared CEOs never last.

Did a few or all of the aforesaid reasons remind you about your kid’s behavior? Do you believe that you need to fix him/her? Well, perhaps, you should consider putting him in a Social-Emotional Learning program. Your kid will change, and how! 


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