5 Reasons Why Kids Can Learn Python

5 Reasons Why Kids Can Learn Python

date_rangeFeb 16, 2021

Python is a language that is popular and is being widely used. Many people think it is something only experienced people can learn, but it is not the case. Python is suitable even for kids

With the current COVID19 pandemic situation, kids are looking at learning new skills online, from their homes. This is an apt time to consider learning Python. In this article, let us look at some reasons why kids can learn Python. 

Python is an Easy Language

It has a simple syntax and is easy to learn, as compared to other languages such as C and C++. Python can be learnt comfortably by absolute beginners without much problem. The lines of code in Python are quite similar to English sentences and this makes it easier for people to understand what is written in the code. This is why Python is known as a readable language. Kids can start learning Python and then gradually move to other languages in the future. 

Python is Versatile 

It is easy to setup Python on any system. It is also free and open source. This makes it widely popular among developers. It also runs easily on all kinds of systems without any hassle. Most of the information needed for installation and setup is there on the official site of Python. 

Python Opens Many Career Options

Python is extensively used in fields like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Automation, Web Development, etc. Once the child has learnt Python, he can specialize in other fields in future and consider a career in any of them. 

Python Has Extensive Library Support

It is easier to create complex applications in Python as compared to other languages. This is because Python has a lot of pre-written libraries that support implementation of complex functionalities. Some libraries are Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, etc. 

Python is Popular 

Python is a useful skill to have and mentioning it during college admissions, competitions, etc. can have a positive impact. Python is also one of the most popular languages today. It is being widely used in various fields like AI, Data Science. Etc. Many sectors use Python such as Agriculture, Weather, Entertainment, Social Media, etc. 

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