Campus Ambassador Program - Coding Elements

Campus Ambassador Program - Coding Elements

date_rangeMay 01, 2020

Do you like to participate in societies and clubs? Have you organized events in your college? Do you know the “right person” in college for each task? If yes, then you’ll like this offer. You just have to be a current student in a college.

  1. Organize hackathons on your campus (sponsored by Coding Elements)
  2. Organize talks and boot-camps (presented by Coding Elements)
  3. Create awareness about our company on campus through posters, coupons, etc.
  4. Reach out to your peers in Engineering college via social media
  5. Maintain a database of your peers from all batches
  6. Promote us in various fests and events, especially the ones associated with Computers and Engineering
  7. Encourage students to try our classroom and online courses
  1. Will meet the monthly targets consistently
  2. Think out of the box and create innovative marketing campaigns on campus
  3. Write and share blogs for us
  1. CASH REWARD per student who enrolls from your college
  2. Free access to our online courses
  3. 50% discount on our classroom courses
  4. Free merchandise
  5. Certificate of Internship for your resume
  6. LinkedIn recommendation from the Founders for top performers
  7. Close mentorship and guidance from industry experts in India and abroad.
  8. Special prize to the top performer each month
  9. Hands-on marketing experience in a startup
  10. Top performers will be eligible for full-time jobs after the internship

Fill out the Coding Elements - Campus Ambassador form and we will get back to you shortly.

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