Transformation of Agriculture Sector by Artificial Intelligence

Transformation of Agriculture Sector by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

date_rangeMay 08, 2020

Agriculture has been one of the oldest occupations of humanity. It has seen and faced many ups and downs over the years, but continues to be one of the most critical sectors in the world. Agriculture is directly linked to our lives since it is related to food production. Farmers face a lot of challenges like pests, climate uncertainty, water supply issues, natural disasters, etc. Over the past few years, farmers have started looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) in farming. AI is bringing about a transformation in the field of Agriculture. In this article, we look at AI in Agriculture.

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture?

AI technology can help farmers overcome many issues like climate variations, water availability, pests, etc. With the availability of a large amount of data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and other processes to come up with useful predictions that can help farmers make informed decisions about their crops.

Artificial Intelligence can analyze large chunks of data with utmost precision, something that human beings aren’t capable of. With a lesser number of people opting for farming jobs, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started doing many tasks like sowing seeds, pest control, etc. Robots, Unmanned drones, are being used to take up a lot of tasks that human labor used to do.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence Agriculture Bots

AI-Powered robots are being used by many farmers to perform tasks that human laborers used to do. With an increase in urbanization, most people are avoiding taking up farm labor as their profession. This has reduced the availability of human labor to perform farming tasks. The trend is expected to increase in the future. Robots have come to the rescue of many farmers and perform many of the same functions as people.

Harvest CROO Robotics has done some incredible innovation to help farmers in farming. Its robot performs tasks like strawberry picking and packing for farmers.

Abundant Robotics has also been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the way farming is done. It has created a robot to pick apples from the trees and harvest them.

AI-Powered Weather Forecast

Using AI techniques, it is easy to predict the weather conditions. The prediction is usually very accurate and helps farmers tremendously.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzes large amounts of data to come up with weather analysis, and farmers can make decisions about their crop, harvest, sales, etc. based on the AI results. Human beings can’t work with large amounts of data and come up with precise insights as Artificial Intelligence does.

In the past, a large number of crops were destroyed due to sudden climate problems like cyclones, floods, droughts, etc.  With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, it is possible to inform farmers about such things so that they can protect their crops.

Pest Control

Pests are one of the biggest problems that farmers face. Pests can spoil batches of crops. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), farmers have started using innovative ways of protecting their plants from all kinds of pests and weeds. The See and Spray model by Blue River Technology has brought Machine Learning into agriculture. This model uses computer vision to precisely find pests and spray pesticides only where it is needed. It has decreased pesticide expenditure by 90%, thus profiting farmers. This model reduces the amount of pesticide sprayed on crops, thus reducing the pesticide content in our food to a large extent.

Chatbots for Farmers

Chatbots have been developed to help farmers discuss complicated doubts related to farming and agriculture. Farmers can ask questions to the Chatbot, and they will receive answers. Chatbots also help them remain informed about farm-related topics.  

Soil and Crop Monitoring

The soil quality is essential for good crops to grow. If the quality of the soil degrades, it can be harmful to the crop. Artificial Intelligence can help monitor the soil quality and crop condition continuously. The results are highly beneficial for farmers to make decisions about their crops.

Drones are used for an aerial view of crops and can help to analyze the health of the crop. These Drones are unmanned, and they cover large distances at a much faster speed than human beings. They take a lot of images and collect data that helps provide useful information about the crop condition.

Trace Genomics uses Machine Learning techniques to predict the condition of the soil.

Plantix, by PEAT, helps in identifying plant diseases.  It uses Machine Learning on numerous plant pictures collected. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can go a long way in assisting plants to remain healthy.


AI technologies are providing innovative and precise solutions to major agricultural problems faced by farmers across countries. From pest control to weather prediction, to help with farming work, AI provides solutions for almost everything.

In the coming years, we will see more exciting discoveries made in the field of AI, directly related to farming. Gone are the days when farmers had to be worried about their crop quality since technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision have come to the aid of farmers.

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