Wolf Gupta vs Rohit Sinha - Fake vs Real Success Stories

date_rangeNov 25, 2020

Every institute talks about their alumni and the success stories. A popular EdTech platform posted about Wolf Gupta, a kid who got an offer from Google. Everyone has heard about Wolf Gupta on social media.

It is a little confusing since the age of Wolf Gupta varies in each place and so does his salary. This difference in his details has made many people question if Wolf Gupta is real or not. 

For example at one place it is mentioned that Wolf Gupta is 9 years old and his salary is 150 crores. In another place it is said that he earns 20 crores and is 13 years old. Another place mentions that he is earning 1.2 crores at 12 years of age. Yet another post says he is 16 years old and earns 1.2 crores. With so many different details, it is obvious that Wolf Gupta is not real. 

A contrast to such a fake success story is Coding Elements student Rohit Sinha, a 15-year-old kid who hails from Jharkhand. He is the founder and CEO of a company known as TechMastering, which deals with Robotics, Mobile App and Web Development. . He is an Assistant Developer at Google and Amazon and is also an Apple Teacher. Google gave him the title of ‘Youngest Professional’. He has been awarded the ‘Developer of the Year’ Award by TechMastering. He is a record holder and is recognized by India Book of Record. He has also got a job offer from Oracle. He can be found on his LinkedIn profile as well as his website. 

Coding Elements believes that coding is not just about syntax or theory. It actually is the solving of problems and coming up with useful solutions. This is why all the courses have a lot of real-world projects and hundreds of practice questions. The more students work on problems and projects, the better they become at the technology.  Students work on multiple technologies in a single project. 

The syllabus of Coding Elements courses have been built to help students become thorough with practical application of concepts. Skills got out of projects and working on coding problems help students become ready to enter the industry and create useful solutions in the future. 

Students have achieved a lot and have contributed to building innovative solutions. Some achievements are:

  1. Students have built innovative solutions to complex real world problems (water pollution, women hygiene, automated form filling). 
  2. Students have got admission to top colleges and universities like MIT and Stanford. 
  3. Students have topped popular coding contests and codathons. 
  4. Students have got placed in top companies like Google. 
  5. Students have performed well in their academics. 

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