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Top 4 Ways to Make Coding Interesting for Kids

date_rangeMar 05, 2021

Coding is the skill of today and future since our world is becoming more advanced technologically. Coding for kids brings with it many advantages such as improved academic performance, development of logic, and others.

While learning to code helps kids in a lot of ways and is an important skill to have today, some kids might find it challenging to learn. In this article, we look at some ways to make coding interesting for kids. 

Encourage Creative Self-Expression

Kids are naturally creative. They have a keen sense of imagination. Let the child think of any real-world problem (you can start with something simple) and use his creativity to build something to solve it. The ideas that flow are important here, as they help the child to feel confident about himself and his skills. 

Critical Thinking Activities

Coding is all about Problem Solving and Logic. Once these skills are strong, learning new languages and technologies becomes easy. Take a problem and explain it to the child. Let him think about it and come up with solutions. Discuss the solutions with him and get him to talk about each of them. Let the child feel free and excited to be part of reaching the best solution. This will help him feel like he is contributing to something beneficial and will improve his interest in coding. 

Learning from a Teacher

Since coding is a skill just like sports or art or music, a good mentor will help the child learn better. You can check out a good coding platform that offers a coding for kids course and enroll the child there. The child will gain a strong foundation in coding, work on many coding exercises and activities. This will make his learning journey more interesting. 

Accepting Mistakes

Coding, just like any other skill takes a lot of perseverance and hard work. It is normal for kids to make mistakes or face obstacles while learning. It is important to be accepting of the mistakes the child makes. In other words, don’t be critical of errors. This will improve confidence in the child, and he will keep trying to learn as he knows that it is ok to make a mistake. This is also what is known as the Growth Mindset, and it is taught during Coding for Kids sessions. 

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