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Top 4 Things to Remember While Writing a Resume for Google

date_rangeMay 04, 2020

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How to Craft a Winning Resume for Google

Pay Attention to the Formatting of Your Resume

A well-formatted resume always provides a great first impression. Format your resume thoroughly and recheck many times for any issues. 

  • Create a PDF file format for your resume. This can be easily done these days using MS Word or other tools. 
  • Avoid Typos at all costs. Read through your resume many times and remove any typos that maybe there. You can also ask a friend or family member to read through your resume once and spot any typos that you might have missed. 
  • Instead of writing long paragraphs of description, try and add bullets to your resume. Bullet points make your sentences easily legible. 
  • Keep your font clear and simple, and avoid using bright font colors. The best color is black. 
  • Keep the length on one page. For engineering and technical positions, it can be 1-2 pages since you might have to include project details. But, try to keep your resume as short and to-the-point as possible. 


The Order of Education and Experience is Important

For students or fresh graduates, you can place your education before your experience in reverse chronological order. Be sure to add all your education details like college, university, GPA, month and year of passing, etc. 

If you are an experienced professional who has been working for some time now, you should add your most recent job experience, followed by the previous job, etc. Your education details should come after all the experience section is complete.

If you graduated many years ago, then you are expected to provide only the relevant education details and skip information like ‘Got First Prize in Essay Writing Competition in B. Tech 1st Year’.


List Your Accomplishments using X by Y by Z Formula

According to recruiters from Google, the best way to list your accomplishments is in the following format - Accomplished (x) as measured by (y) by doing (z). 

Example: Won first prize out of 30 national teams in Codathon at Sun Tech by working with a team member to develop a game app.

This example shows that you won the first prize by competing with 29 other teams. You also showcase team spirit since you worked in a team. 

For Technical Resumes

You can include your GitHub link or any other contributions you might have made to the open-source community. Be sure to add your programming languages in your resume. Add your project details and include all the essential points. If you have worked on patents, presentations, papers, etc. you can include those details as well. 


What You Should Avoid:

Confidential Information

Don’t include any confidential information about your previous employer as that doesn’t give a good impression about you. You can skip details like project name, etc. if it is confidential. 

Lying About Your Skills 

Don’t lie about anything on your resume. If you haven’t worked in a particular programming language or technology, then don’t add it to your resume. It’s always good, to be honest. 


Getting shortlisted by Google isn’t easy, but it is possible. What’s most vital is that you work on your resume and prepare well. Don’t give up if you’re not selected at first, you can always keep trying. 

Google is one of the top Tech Giants in the world and receives a lot of job applications and resumes daily from across the globe. Landing a job at Google is tough because the recruiters shortlist the absolute best applications only. That said, it is still possible to get hired by this excellent company. One of the most vital parts of any application is the resume. Google recruiters pay a lot of attention to the quality of the resume, and it is essential to write an impressive one. 

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