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Top 13 Must-have Skills To Get Job In MNCs

date_rangeMay 04, 2020

College Education has progressed a lot since time.  Colleges have changed their curriculum and tried to adapt to the requirements of the hour. Seminars, guest lectures, projects, etc. form part of a college education these days, to expand the knowledge of students.

There is still a gap between the skills learnt at college and what top MNCs look for.  In this article, we look at some vital skills top MNCs are looking for.

Non-Technical Skills Required by MNCs:

Clear Communication – Verbal and Written

Communication plays the most crucial role, not just in the IT industry but across industries.  MNCs look for people who can express themselves clearly. 

 Collaboration and Team Skills

Work in the real industry involves working with the team.  Be it team meetings, knowledge sessions, or other activities, excellent collaboration skills, and team skills are essential for MNCs.


Confidence is a skill that takes you a long way in your career. Everyone likes confident people.  This doesn’t necessarily mean loud and boisterous, but being comfortable expressing yourself confidently in all situations.

 Time Management

In the real work environment, there will be many tasks that come up during the day – meetings, events, actual work, client visits, etc. Time Management is crucial in such a scenario.

 Open to Change (Adaptability)

Adaptability is a great skill in an environment that is prone to a lot of changes – big and small. 

Problem Solving Abilities

MNCs look for those who can take a complex problem, and find the most viable solution to it.  Problem Solving Skills are highly cherished at MNCs.


Being able to embrace failure, learn from it, and move on without giving up is a skill that will take you a long way in an MNC.  Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you expect, and at such times it is vital not to give up. This skill is called Perseverance.


Now that we’ve looked at some of the essential soft skills let’s take a look at the technical skills.

Technical Skills Required by MNCs:


  • Strong Programming Foundation
    To write a big code, you need to know the core fundamentals of programming.  No matter which project you choose to work on in the future, if your fundamentals are strong, you will be able to work well.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
    Many large companies look for people having in-depth knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms since it shows that they will be able to solve complex problems well.  In today’s competitive world, knowing just the programming language syntax isn’t enough.  You need to be equipped with skills that can be applied across technologies.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    AI is a field that aims at developing a system having human capabilities.  AI, Machine Learning, NLP, etc. have a vast scope across areas and applications.  Sectors like healthcare, tourism, etc. can benefit a lot from AI.  Many tech giants, as well as startups, are trying to develop systems using AI and Machine Learning.  There is a shortage of skilled people in these fields, so having skills in any of these lucrative fields has a lot of value.
  • Data Science
    This is the age of data. Every human being is generating massive amounts of data every day.  Data Science is a field that used many methods and processes to understand hidden patterns in data and find valuable insights in it.  There is tremendous scope in this field.
  • Full Stack Development
    Since a Full Stack Developer works on multiple technologies and can handle the server-side as well as the client-side applications, they are in demand these days. Many technologies like React JS, Node JS are widely used by Full Stack Developers.
  • Mobile App Development
    Almost everyone these days used mobile phones.  The usage of mobile apps has increased exponentially across countries. MNCs see a lot of scope in Mobile App Development, and people with knowledge of Android, iOS, etc. are in demand.


Working at an MNC is a beautiful experience since you get to learn a lot, improve your skills, learn to work in teams, and progress in your career.  Many MNCs provide fun activities at campus, have many excellent facilities employees can make use of like gyms, gaming areas, etc. 

If you wish to work in an MNC like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, this is a great time to upskill yourself and become ready for a cool future career. 
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Author - Atma Pai

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