The Role of AI in the Education Sector

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector

date_rangeMay 28, 2020

Education has been one of the most important sectors across countries. The future of the coming generations depends on the quality of learning and teaching. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) having created waves of change in different industries, Education is also seeing a lot of progress because of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A lot of research is going on to apply computer intelligence to improve the education system in the future. AI can be leveraged to perform numerous routine tasks at schools and colleges, bring about changes to the curriculum, perform administrative tasks, etc. In this article, we will look at how AI is bringing about changes in the Education Sector.

4 Ways AI Can Change The Education Sector

AI Tutors

Machines cannot do a lot of things that human teachers can do like applying social and emotional skills when dealing with students. Yet, there are a lot of systems that assist in tutoring. For example, automated Mathematics learning applications help students learn the basics of Mathematics. With rapid innovation and in-depth studies happening in this field, more advanced tutoring applications will be invented in the future.

At present, some institutions use AI-powered chatbots. They are virtual teaching assistants that answer queries related to subjects, assignments, projects, etc.


Advanced Education Software

Gone are the days when every student learned the same topics in the same way. These days, education providers have understood the importance of providing an individualized learning experience to students. AI can be successfully used to find out the needs of a student, focus on concepts that student needs more guidance on, and create a personalized education method.

Since AI has a lot of benefits like preciseness, the ability to analyze large amounts of data, and come up with useful insights, there is a lot of scope of AI in building advanced education software.


Automation of routine activities

AI can help in automating tedious tasks like grading answer papers of students. AI systems will be much faster, more precise, and be of help to teachers. Numerous studies are going on for years, and a lot of progress will happen in this area. We will see a lot of advancement in this area in the future, and AI will be able to handle a lot more.


AI for Student Selection

With a lot of data present in the world, intelligent systems are assisting colleges in finding students, interacting with them, and helping in the selection and admission process. AI systems can help showcase the best course for a student based on his/her aptitude and interests. It can assist in personalizing the learning experience of a student.


Some Companies Using AI in Education

Duolingo: It uses AI technologies to personalize language learning. Duolingo has been working towards providing an excellent experience in the process of virtual learning.

KidSense: This company develops AI tools that help in education by using children’s automatic speech recognition. The system is trained to understand the speech of a child and can also convert it into text. It supports many languages. Roybi Robot is an AI personal tutor developed by KidSense that helps children learn according to their interests, strengths, and aptitude.

Cognii: It is a company that provides AI solutions in the Education sector. It has built a virtual learning assistant that can be used to communicate with students. Cognii has also helped provide personalized learning experiences to the students as well as intelligent tutoring.

Thinkster Math: It is a Mathematics-learning platform that uses AI and Machine Learning technologies. It records the work of students and helps the tutors identify the concepts that students need more help in. The tutors can create a unique learning path for the student based on his/her performance.


We have not reached the stage where AI has become very common in the field of Education. But with many studies going on in the fields of Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, Robotics, etc. there is a huge chance that we will get to see a lot of advancement in AI-Powered Education in the years to come.

This is a time of great change and progress. It is an excellent time to learn new technologies in the field of AI. The knowledge of AI technologies will open up a lot of career opportunities and research prospects in the future.

Author - Atma Pai

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