Python for Data Science & Web

Learn the fundamentals of programming, web development, data science, and OOP using Python - The hottest language.

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How does this transform my career?

Learning Python will allow you work with data easily, making you stand out for Data Analyst and Data Science roles.
In this course we will cover several interview questions as well as basics of Machine Learning.
These concepts will be useful in the rest of your career, regardless of the language you use.

When should I take this course?

Prior coding experience is not required.
School-level programming experience will be helpful but not enough to allow you to skip this course.
You may skip this course if you know most of the concepts listed in the curriculum.

All videos are available in HD 1080p60. You may change quality settings in the player.


Avg Duration (Months)

Study according to your own schedule.


Verified Certificate

As soon as your Homework Projects are accepted.


Doubts cleared in videos

Frequently asked questions by over 1,000 students in classroom.


Invest in yourself

This course will be an investment into your future.